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Good, reliable magazines for M4 AEG?

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I have a magpul Moe and I am looking for some new mags, what mags fit and fuction properly? Other that the originals of course because I am having a hard time finding them in stock anywhere

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I got 10 ASG low caps well over a year ago. They were cheap and apart from one that split with some overzelousness with a speed loader (repaired and now works fine) I haven't had any issues with them at all. And they get used alot. Used with .2 and now .25s.


I also run 8 PTS Beta PMags (the older style with the bullet window). Never had any issues with them at all. As above used with .2 and .25s


My daughter runs 6 Airsoft Systems midcaps. One won't feed after 3/4 of the mag is done but the others are very reliable. She uses .25s as well.


We both run APS M4s and binned the APS Hi caps they came with as they fed really badly and don't match our play style.



Hope that helps.


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