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Squad (Early access)

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So, I saw this on Steam today (on Steam pay and charts it seems to be doing amazing) for £29.99. I personally really like it and will be getting it at some point. However, I am worries about it dying or the devs running with my money... However, some of the devs helped to make the Project Reality mod which (I have never played) looked really good. I was going to get Six Seige instead but at £49.99.... No.

Has anyone got the game?

How hard is it to find lobbies with good numbers?

Can you jump in and play with a good, communicating team?

Is it a better Arma?

Just a few questions haha.

Anyway, I thought it deserved a thread :D

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It's a slightly more polished version of Project Reality for BF2 - that's no bad thing, and given the development team it's not surprising. Graphics are a tiny bit lacking, but the core gameplay is basically just more tactical Battlefield - reminiscent of ArmA, but not as large-scale.


Most of the core followers of the game are good guys that don't mess around too much, but ultimately it plays better with people that you know and can use Teamspeak/Discord/Ventrillo/Skype/<your choice of VOIP goes here> with. What with it selling well and some of the more scrubby ArmA players moving over thinking it's going to be like king of the hill with some Battlefield mixed in could ruin that balance, but if it's anything like PR then finding pubbers to play with isn't too difficult either.

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