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Well MB-06 upgrades

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Hi fellas/lady-fellas.


I've recently started upgrading my Well MB-06 (which as I understand is almost exactly the same as the ASG "Urban Sniper").

This thread is specifically to try to get some opinions on parts & other upgrades before I attempt to do them, and to share my opinions on the upgrades after I've done them.


After I have installed new stuff, and assuming that this post doesn't p!ss off the forum admins, I'll keep this thread updated with my progress for the few of you that will be interested.


Firstly, I've found some excellent reviews, and posts similar to this one at the following links, should you also wish to upgrade yours. This stuff that has helped me already and may save others a lot of googling!


Places to buy a Well MB06, or ASG Urban sniper:




-Patrol base review/solution to shots flying left/right dramatically:



-Dismantling/field stripping guide (how to take the gun apart), with some links to additional free/cheap mods you can make.



-YouTube video showing how to take out the "air break", increasing FPS dramatically.



Now, when it comes to upgrading, there are a lot of options available.

As far as internals are concerned, most L96, Echo1 ASR, Well MB-<XY> parts will fit and do the job.


I'll try to condense the parts that should be considered for upgrading here:


  1. Spring
  2. Spring guide
  3. Piston
  4. Cylinder head
  5. Bolt (the part you pull towards yourself to load the rifle)
  6. Inner barrel (this is the same length as an AK inner barrel, more on this shortly).
  7. Hop-up
  8. Lubricant (not an upgrade, but you should get some - more on this shortly too).
  9. Trigger/trigger shears

External stuff you should also consider:

10. Extra magazines (for obvious reasons)

11. Scope (for obvious reasons, more on this below)

12. Bipod - great for shooting on the field, even better for zeroing your scope in!

13. A new stock if you're not a fan of the "stock" stock(any that fits a standard M4 buffer tube).




So, you can get number 1-3 in one nice tidy bundle (the only one I've found available in the UK is from eBay) here:


(If the listing has expired by the time you read this, search for "PPS CNC Aluminum Power Up Kit For L96 Type/MB01/MB05 Series Airsoft Sniper"




*NOTE* When installing any new internals, or if you strip the gun for any reason, CLEAN THE RUBBISH GREASE OFF EVERYTHING!!!!! The manufacturers put way too much on, and its poor quality. Your rifle will thank you! *NOTE*


Installing this is reasonably straight forward. If you follow the air-break mod video from the link above, when you've pulled the bolt out, you simply have to get some long-nosed pliers and insert each "nose" into the little hole either side of the cylinder head (the gold bit that you take the air break out of), and twist it free, replacing the parts inside with parts from the upgrade kit.


While doing this, as noted above you should remove excess grease, and if you want to put some good lubricant in here are my recommendations (Number 8):




Or just search for "Abbey gun grease". Should you want an alternative, just be sure that it's rubber-friendly.


There are kits that also include number 4, the cylinder head - although this isn't too necessary, the stock one isn't all that bad.



From here, I have no first-hand experience in any of the parts I'll be talking about, I'm open to any opinions/comments that you have on them, please let me know how you've got on with them in the past!



Number 5: The bolt. The bolt on the Well MB-06 is pretty nice out of the box. There are replacements available but I'm not too bothered about spending money on a new one. All You need to know is that inside the handle of the bolt is an Allen-key fitting, which needs tightening now and again to prevent it snapping off.


Number 6: The Inner Barrel: As far as the inner barrel is concerned, there are facts and opinions, I'll only mention the facts and I'd like to know your opinions:

-The inner barrel is 455mm long (the same size as most AKs)

-The inner barrel is a pain to get out

-The stock inner barrel isn't all that great.

From here, it'sup for debate which manufacturer's inner barrel would suit best, and whether to get a 6.01mm tightbore or 6.03mm tightbore barrel.


An example, and one I'm considering (as I'm trying to keep things reasonably cheap) is Madbull's, here:



Number 7: The Hop-Up unit: Now, i don't think that the stock hop-up is actually that bad in the MB-06, but if you check the patrol base review linked above, you can see that a common occurrence is that the hop-up arm is misaligned in the inner barrel, causing a left or right swerve on the bb when shot. This is annoying, and I'm still trying to fix mine properly before I resort to buying a new one. If I do buy a new one, I hear that PDI make them to a very good quality, although I can't find any UK-based retailers.


Number 9: Trigger/Shears: Please be aware that if you use the stronger spring from the upgrade kit suggested for numbers 1-3, you will be putting more pressure on your trigger and shears, which could result in them breaking. You can either replace the shears with stronger metal once (which is a right mess about once you open up the trigger box!), or you can buy a complete replacement trigger box, like this one:



You can get replacement trigger boxes that, like the one above, just slot in easily - but they are only as good as the stock ones, so be aware that if your first trigger has broken (as I expect mine to after some use with this new spring in it), it's likely that the replacement below will break too, I think it would be better to get a reinforced one like the link above. Anyway, here's a cheap replacement:



Onto external stuff...


Number 10: Spare magazines: Pretty self explanatory really, more mags = more ammo. These mags only hold something like 25 rounds, and they're fairly difficult to load on the field, even with a speed loader. I found a set of 3 on eBay here:


If the listing has expired, you can just search for "Well MB06 spare magazine".


Number 11: Scope: Obviously, you're using a sniper rifle, you want some kind of optic! If you've upgraded your rifle I'm assuming it's firing above 330 FPS, which for most sites in the UK, means you have a minimum engagement distance.... So without a scope... good luck with that!

Anyway, here's a scope I bought recently and I can't begin to explain how impressed I am with it!



Number 12: Bipod:

Useful for obvious reasons, really comes into it's own when you want to zero-in your scope too!


Number 13: Stock: The stock is similar to most M4 crane stocks on the market these days, if you're not a fan, like me - you could get something with a nice cheek rest, like this: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-external-parts-237839/asg-crane-stock-m4-m15-black.htm#.Vkyby3bhB9A



Anyway, that's my two pence. If this thread stays open, I'll update it as I continue to upgrade and skirmish with my Well MB06.

Your input is valued, and more than welcome.


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Just an update -


I Chrono'd before a day's skirmishing - a disappointing 440FPS, even after the upgrade kit, including spring!


Anyway, I used it in a few games - still swerving to the left (as a result of the hop-up arm in the inner barrel), accuracy isn't good enough as far as I',m concerned, I'm going to get a new hop up and inner barrel and we'll see how that goes!

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Hi. Get an Action Army hopup unit for it, and a maple leaf aeg rubber with concave nub and an aeg barrel, remove the air break and clean it. You don't need anything else. Well, maybe a piston.

If you have access to a 3d printer, try this grip: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:895150

Much more comfortable than the stock.

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