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in need of advice!

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As it says!

It's like my cxp with the key mod system, I guess it comes with some rails as well to attach where you want, you then attach the torch or laser to them via its fixing system.... Hence the design, light weight


Go for it, it will be fine. Just give them a call to check it comes with the rails to attach if in doubt, my ics had 3

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If there are no side mounts, use zip ties! I have this tubular flash light, and just zip tied it on, I obviously made sure it was very tight, and i cut the tie down a bit to make it look less stupid. Goodluck.


EDIT: just saw you're using a laser, not sure what/how lasers in airsoft work. But for flashlights, I used a zip tie, zip ties could potentially be an option, just floating an idea in your head :)

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