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Elite Force SL8 speed loader (The big gun like thing)

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Correction its the Elite Force SL14.


I recently got the Elite force SL14 speed loader, its the 1800 round pump action loader. You pour BBs into it and then shake it vertically up then down a few times then pump and its meant to put 40 rounds into a midcap magazine, so three pumps and you have a full magazine and then you take it off and connect another.


In my experience over the weekend what actually happens is I get about 10-20 rounds. It takes a lot of shaking to get the rounds to go into the feeding tube and it takes longer to load than a normal pistol loader as its so unreliable about getting the rounds into the chamber. I can't stress enough how disappointing this product is. If you looked at the reviews on youtube and such you would have thought this thing was amazing and very quick to load magazines. But practically since it doesn't work as advertised it ends up being considering slower as you need more than 3 pumps and unfortunately it isn't consistent about what it feeds so you can't count the rounds in like you can with a speed loader leaving you prone to under/over load.


I tested it using Nuprol 0.30g BBs and EPM magazines. It had no issues pushing rounds into the magazine but the BBs did not feed into the feeding tube. In addition they are super hard to get out. So if you want to change or use different ammo you'll need to pump it mostly out and then its hard to get it into a bottle afterwards due to the spring pushed door on the top. As the BBs run down the ability for the feed tube to fill diminishs as well so it becomes all but impossible to actually empty the loader, at 300 rounds in there or so it might only put 5 rounds in but it takes you longer to shake them there than it does to plung a basic speed loader.


Utter waste of money do not buy it.

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