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Airsoft fails! No.2

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Ok I was reading the last airsoft fails thread and thought, Why not make another one!


I a while ago I bought a stoner63 and was eager to use it on the battlefield, Just before we started I took out the piston to swap it to another one (King arms I think :/) so I open it up take out the piston but then the whistle goes and eger as I was I ran out into the nerest fire fight, saw somebody pulled the trigger and then it hit me, I had no piston!!


Saw another one where a guy tripped up holding the JG M99 snow wolf, owch!



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No disrespect but why not BUMP the old thread?

yaaaay my thread!!! :P sorry it had to be said

my freind blew himself up with a grenade because he thaught it was a smoke. :D before this happned he used to call himself the grenade king!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.