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  1. I am angry at the freaking exam I just did. Damn you exam! Damn you to hell!
  2. Sue them withing a inch of there life. then do it again for good mesure. Cant you contact the MOD and explain the circumstances?
  3. That kid is great. "do you want to see something special?" ""No f*ck you" was a highlight.
  4. That is true, I just dislike them greatly.
  5. Well you can answer this considering you work there. How can you say you are a trusted business when you claim that a cheap springer FAMAS can shoot 60M? Many top of the line AEG's dont shoot that so that sure as hell cant.
  6. Sorry but JustBBguns Lie about everything. There is no escaping that.
  7. Yes infact, I saw a ARES L85 and a TAR go down in a single day. the people didnt look happy.
  8. I would go for G&G, ares have a amazingly bad rep for there guns. For example: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/hate-ARE...&p=18569800
  9. If you are looking for a upgrade base try a A&K? Internals arnt that bad.
  10. You two have alot of problems with your guns, stop tinkering with them!
  11. Got loads of exams so loads of revison which is boring as hell. And I am really strugaling to find £50. Not £500, Not £200. But £50. Grr.
  12. I have the sudden need for something gas and fast firing. This is a good thing.
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