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JG AUG compatability

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Any AUG specific magazine.

If you want mid caps you are in for a hard time finding them at a good price unless a new batch of the King Arms have been made. I use the Kings Arms and until I changed the feeding nipple they were slightly dodgy to get to feed.

Never tried them but this is the last place I have seen AUG mid caps for sale at non Tokyo Marui price:

http://www.airsoftsupplydrop.co.uk/store/mag-aug-170rds-mid-cap-magazine-box-set.html There made by MAG which generally have a good reputation. There is also the TM ones but they are very expensive.

In regards to Hi Caps, the ASG and JG mags have a bad reputation, I've not tried them personally though. I have 2 TM Hi-Caps which have been absolutely fine so far, despite probably being 10 years old, would definitely recommend. You might also see the odd Classic Army one floating around which also have a good rep.

One thing I suggest doing though if you get it is buying one of these:


The plastic one that will come with the gun will wear out, the one on the Tokyo Marui I have was certainly getting there. These wont wear and are a bit longer so magazines will feed much more reliably. Its made a massive difference with mine.

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Just the AUG magazines unfortunately. I wish some manufacturer would make an A3 NATO!

Saw a video where a guy modded some PMAGs to fit but it means taking a big chunk out of the back and a portion of the front to replicate the AUG mags shape.

There are AUG mags by MAG on eHobby Asia still available at the moment. ~$40 IIRC. Worth bearing in mind they appear to be out of stock everywhere else (in the UK)


EDIT - sorry I just saw brotherwood linked the same ones -sorry didn't fully read whole post- thought they'd be available there as well, but yeah they're probably the best for the money.


I think I'll buy an AUG sometime as well. Even though I was just gonna go bog standard AR and pimp it up, but if I really want an awesome looking M4 I'll get a GBBR so it's especially satisfying and more unique + no battery limitations (both in terms of where it can go and size you can use) Speaking of customising etc AUGs are great to spray paint (cos of the huge stock / body that is one piece rather than separate receivers / handguard / stock if you catch my drift)

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Id love to find an A2 receiver and create an F88 impression. However everyone only stocks A1 uppers which is annoying. Technical I could still turn the A1 into an original F88 (still used by NZ) but as well as changing the Flash Hider I would also need to make up a bracket to fit a peq box onto it. They have some weird mount that fits around the scope. There are a few other subtler differences but there is no way they could be replicate.

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