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Condor Quick release plate carrier

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Hey guys, I am thinking of getting the condor quick release plate carrier in multicam. Sadly it is about £130 and i do not really want to spend that much. Could someone recommended me a good vest that will look good with the Helikin Sfu multicam shirt? Thanks

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You could take a look at Warrior Assault Systems. Much better than Condor! The DCS and RICAS PCs are actually cheaper too! :lol:




Still a lot of money but all really good quality materials.


There's also the Grey Ghost Gear Minimalist PC for £100.

Below that maybe a Flyye FAPC (Fast Action Plate Carrier) They're ~ £70


Then Emerson / TMC / cheaper Condor ones for the cheaper end? Not mil-spec, but should still last since it's just airsoft and they won't be seeing too much use.

The Emerson / TMCs you could buy from China too so even less expensive.


For example a Multicam TMC JPC: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000D-Airsoft-Emerson-JPC-Tactical-Vest-Simplified-Version-Multicam-Tactical-Vest-Army-Combat-Gear/1389801442.html


Hope this helps :)

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