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  1. Before I even got my first Airsoft gun I watched about 15 hours of tutorials and tips on youtube, It helped me quite a bit. When I got my gun and had to change the spring, It was a whole different story. I lost the very small spring inside the gear box, Nearly cut one of the wires and broke my motor. What I am trying to say is: With out physical practice and actually doing it, You will find learning a lot more harder. Watch some videos But play around with your gear box, Make your self feel confident when Opening up your rifle, Because Without that, You will not get very far. I wish you all the best in your mysterious journey inside the gear box, Best of luck friend!
  2. Can you link me a good forgrip that would work with it? If you have one could you send me a link to that please?
  3. Seems like a pretty good deal then, I think I will go for it! It's about £125 Which is under my budget So I can buy some extra mags and possibly a sight for it too. Will this mag work ? http://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152194485-Mid-Cap-Magazine-for-AK-type-replicas.html
  4. Is changing springs The same as it is In m4 platforms?
  5. The fps is quite high On that ak But I will take it in to consideration. This is shipped from Poland right? I am polish my self So I Have been on that website quite a few times just never bought anything
  6. Like I said, I don't really know what gun I want as in a ak or mp5 or m14 But I know that I want something that will work well in both a cqb environment and outdoors
  7. That is the problem, I do not really know what I want, something with m4 mags would help But is not a very big factor in my choice. I had a look at the tar-21 Which I liked quite a bit But then I also felt I liked some of the other guns like the m14's And the mp5's. I don't really want to spend too much on my gun at the moment That's why I found that KWA cqr to be a pretty good deal. I was thinking of spending £200 max( Possibly a little bit more if it is worth it) So Could you guys Link me a few options that I could go for? I do not really mind what gun it is, I am just looking for something that will be good in both cqb and outdoor ranges.
  8. Could you recommended a pretty good ak for me then? I don't have much knowledge in that area of guns
  9. Nice, Thankyou for the suggestion! I will make sure to keep these vests in mind
  10. Hey guys, I am thinking of getting the condor quick release plate carrier in multicam. Sadly it is about £130 and i do not really want to spend that much. Could someone recommended me a good vest that will look good with the Helikin Sfu multicam shirt? Thanks
  11. Hey guys, I'm new to airsoft And this forum so Hi! I already own a G& cm16 raider But I would like to buy something new. I had my eye on this KWA CQR MOD 1 that comes with 2 extra mags( 3 in total) And I was wondering weather I should go for it? I heard some good things about the gun But I would like a few more opinions on it. I am going to be playing both In a cqb environment and outdoors So I was looking for something that would be good in both areas.
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