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MCG The Gaol - Stalker themed Weekender 11 & 12th October 2014

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Sounds really good - I am going





Since the Chernobyl reactor meltdown in 1986, the area surrounding the CNPP has created its own unique and highly dangerous habitat from the high amounts of radiation. Strange anomalies have appeared, animals mutated and rare natural artifacts have been created. A wide restricted cordon surrounds the worst affected areas, commonly known as the ‘Zone’ including Chernobyl and the now deserted city of Pripyat. The only occupants of the zone are scavengers and military contractors known as stalker’s, looking to cash in on the rare artifacts and their unique properties. Scientists have also been known to venture into the zone to try and solve some of the many mysteries the zone provides and the Ukrainian military are often seen patrolling the boarders.

In October 2012 a large nuclear storm erupted in the zone, known as an ‘emission’, causing a huge change in the environment. In one area of dense woodland located a few miles from the CNPP, vast amounts of anomalies and artifacts had been naturally created as a result of these storms. According to the Ukrainian Government this ‘Red Forest’ was deemed to be a high threat to the rest of the country if such artifacts were to escape the zone. As a result the Ukrainian Military sent in a highly trained unit to eliminate all witnesses and seize all dangerous materials.

After days of fierce fighting, It appeared that the Ukrainian forces were unsuccessful in their attempt to liberate the Red Forest, however in March 2014 intelligence was leaked that suggested that this was a decoy to allow the Ukrainian military to move on the rebel occupied CNPP and eradicate the source of the corruption once and for all...

More info to come...

Pricing for the event will be

Members £65
Non Members £75

A deposit will be required to confirm bookings, the amount of this is TBC

this does NOT include food, however food will be available all over the weekend with the menu TBC

Camping/Sleeping will be either in tents or in E wing....

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Nice, what side you on?


Do you have everything sorted??

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I'm gutted I wont be able to go, but no point going and having a shit time. The site was pretty good on the opening day so by now it's probably great. So jealous...

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