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best eye protection for fast helmets w/ coms?

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Just got my fast helmet and it feels like instead of using my custom made goggles with a half mask attached to it, i should invest in some new eye pro.

The helmet came with clips so i can attach the goggles/glasses elastic stap to the side rails instead of wearing them under the helmet (im using comtact 2's so i dont want too many straps and shit under the helmet. It just gets uncomfortable but there is also the choice to get glasses as they dont use elastic straps.

Can people give me suggestions on eye protection that would be suitable and comfortable with a fast helmet & coms. Whether theyre goggles or glasses and use elastic or not.


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I use the clips to attach my face mask to it, makes it so much comfortable on the face. You should have a look at it.


I then use my Bolle Twister glasses.

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