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  1. evilfree

    The Beretta M9 thread

    Will post my M93R at some point
  2. evilfree

    Airsoft World

    Sounds like they always have issues with distance selling. Service in stores is great.
  3. evilfree


    i bought a dan wesson 4 inch as there wasnt a webley! Must buy!
  4. evilfree

    Eyes protection

    They are prescription glasses.
  5. evilfree

    Eyes protection

    I bought these: http://www.bolle-safety.com/plastic-spectacles/twister-twister Well worth the cost.
  6. evilfree

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    ASG M93R Its different
  7. evilfree

    Sniper role - is this sidearm any good?

    I have used this pistol for over a year and its never let me down. If you setup the hop just right it does get a good distance.
  8. evilfree

    AK Tactical Fire selector

    i have changed the one on my Cyma 039u with a random non cyma one and it worked fine. I cant remember what brand it was now though.
  9. evilfree

    AK Tactical Fire selector

    All the AK fire selectors are pretty much the same, so I wouldnt see a reason why it wouldnt fit.
  10. Anyone knows how reliable any M93R is? Looking for something different

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. evilfree


      Yeah want a gas one.


    3. Lozart


      The KWA one is nice. Had a go with a mates one. Brilliant fun!

    4. Caliber


      Tried ordering a gas one from Wolf Armouries a while back (can't remember the manufacturer, however), though it was broken out of the box when they went to two-tone it. So be a bit careful incase you run into the same problem. I wish I remembered the manufacturer, I have a feeling it was WE,but don't take my word for it.

  11. evilfree

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Rooivalk Shirt, Rooivalk Trousers Roovialk MP5 Vest (Begadi) TM M870 (This weekend)
  12. Tax man decided to give me money back, looks like I am getting a TM M870 this weekend \o/

    1. DX115FALCON


      Take it along to the Fortress! everyone WILL hate you if you do :D

    2. evilfree


      Once the weather gets a bit more sh*t I will be going to the fortress. Will be using it at POW this weekend!

  13. evilfree

    CO2 capsules

    I can get 100 shots from my Dan Wesson before changing. I leave them at the safe zone as you can switch them between games if required.
  14. evilfree

    The team flex help thread!

    Ive been using springs from RSOV for my sten/mp40 mags. Works well!
  15. evilfree

    buying RIF without UKARA number

    Airsoft World Ltd. 4 Main Street, Crossgates Cowdenbeath, Fife KY4 8AJ