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any ideas about ULTIMATE WARGAMES limpsfield

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Was looking to skirmish, and have found a date, 2 weeks from now. I would be buying another mag, probably a lonex from airlab. Looking on their website, it is quite unclear and there are quite a few misspellings.

It says the walk on entry = £20, but doesn't specify what that includes. Lunch? any pellets?

Also, what are the times normally for a saturday

Finally, has anyone played there and what are your experiences from it if so?


thanks for the help. Just a quickie, I presume this would fit into my G&G CM16 carbine? IK they are expensive but my fingers have been destroyed from hi caps today.


Lonex flash mag: http://www.air-lab.co.uk/lonex-flash-magazine-m4.html

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BB's included - NO

Lunch - hmmm dunno:


TWA full day walk on - NO

Young Guns Chobham - YES - some kind of chilli & beans potatoe stew stodge but grub all the same


Hmmm - them mags, did think about trying them but thought they may not be easy to use with gloves on

Just get used to winding mag when you behind cover and unless you have a really itchy trigger you will

most likely choose your shot rather than spray n pray all the time and need constant winding

Some mag winders seem to be more ergonomic than others - but unless you are supplying supressing fire

you will probably find you won't go too mad unless you need to and just get used to winding when in cover

(think everybody has failed to wind enough and get shot for their mistakes)


Can use mid caps - not as quick to fill up, need a speed loader- some better than others but you never

need to wind a low or mid cap - mid cap can go up to about 180-ish

some say 190 mid cap but couldn't seem to get much more than 165 in mine - but 165 bb's no winding


Never played there so can't say - times can really vary but a ROUGH guide:


get there for sign in by 9:00am

game play or breifing starts at 9:30am - long briefing then 10:00 game starts

Lunch dunno 12:30 ish until 1:00 or 1:30pm

Game resumes and finish about 4:00pm


These are only rough guides you really gotta check site or ring them to confirm

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Careful with airlab... I've had a right nightmare ordering from them... They failed to deliver for 2 weeks. 2 lies about shipping. No communication... I had to open a PayPal grievance in the end... Steer well clear.


Edit... Try these guys...


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Ultimate wargames...... where do I start....


Limpsfield is small, games can be intense, for a one or two games a year thing you will probably have fun. There are many under 18's that play and a few older regulars. There is a small team of staff and some of the regulars will act as player marshals they are a good bunch. Expect somewhere in the region of 20 and 30 ish players on a normal day.


As for what you get, a days play for £20, a fairly watertight shed/unit that you can put your kit in. Access to their structures which have mostly been built/updated by now ex regular players. The onsite shop can be hit and miss, sometimes they have ammo and pyro other days they don't have anything. It's also not a fantastic price for ammo. I'd def recommend bringing enough of your own for a days fast paced blat fest. Games tend to be more on the speedball end of the spectrum short, sharp and intense. They tend to stick to the same collection of games every time and in roughly the same order hence probably not using it as a regular game day. Lunch and snacks can be purchased separately during the day.


Rentals were £40 for the day, you got 1000bb's, gun, a mag, a set of DPM combats and lunch (a burger and can of soft drink).


Personally I've played there and enjoyed it, mostly because I got on with the players but I've had enough and moved on. I now play UCAP Sandpit which is an hour and half each way from my house as I enjoy the more tactical style of play and the effort they put in to change things up, their investing in props and kit, how many other sites do you know of that will rock a WMIK with .50Cal and a GPMG with site ammo and a mortar again site ammo. Its £30 but lunch is included, normally a hot dog, baked beans, nachos and cheese. Limpsfield is 45 mins each way and £20.


That might tell you something about my view of Limps. One of my team mates lives 5 mins away from UW Limps and he prefers UCAP Sandpit a 45min drive for him.


Give it a go, and if you like it go back, if you don't you have had a days play. If you are quick to get ready then turn up about 9 ish and you wont miss any game play.

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