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Black Bear Razor mask and ballistic glasses - good combo??

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im after a little bit of advice please......


ive got some ESS goggles which as i have explained in a previous thread have some dodgy lenses (the seller is contacting ESS on my behalf to see what is happening with them, but that is another story) whilst i am waiting for that to get resolved, (im wondeirng whether i sweat too much) i was thinking of something like a Black Bear Airsoft Razor mesh mask, with some shooting glasses underneath for eye protection.


like this: http://blackbearairsoft.com/ASR100.html


what do people think of that? does anyone use a similar configuration like that, if so can you let me know what cheek welds are like, how cofortable is the configuraion, and how is fogging?


many thanks in advacne



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might be very uncomfortable, but also extremely safe.

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I've seen people wear them on their own , though I doubt they paid £40 for them. Easiest way to stop glasses from steaming up is to use something to clean them and keep them clean. I found that baby shampoo works pretty well. Another thing is not to wear a hat or helmet to keep the airflowing and one that doesn't get mentioned really but does work is keep fit, you'll find you'll start to sweat less and plus it's good for you...apparently :D

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