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  1. Are all V2 cut of lever made equal? will a SHS or "ultimate" work with an APS GB shell?

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      The correct answer is no they are not all made equal

      People have fitted BTC Spectre's and had to switch/change COL's

      Usual TM compatible bollox - they all sort of work

      Some better than others, some " lift " more, and the stock ones in most china guns are made of same $hit metal they will wear out in about 10k to 20k and semi no longer functions cozthe COL no longer lifts the trolley off the sear :(

      The answer is they "should" work ok and be made of a decent steel or steel(ish) material to last  while

      SHS switches and COL's have worked ok for me in a few different boxes but not rebuilt an APS quick change shell so can't confirm


      TBH - anything new should be fine & if decent strong material it should last a while - don't just use any old crap lying around as it is most likely worn or soon will be, I'd say go for SHS as they are very easy to source