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  1. I presume patrol base are a trust worthy website? It's just that I purchased a Grip Pod and sling from them on Wednesday and they haven't even handed it to the courier yet (I was supposed to be here on the 30th). Emailed them to find out what is going on earlier today and no response :/

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    2. TomC


      I emailed them at 1PM yesterday, still no response. Will have to give them a ring I think. Not that worried anyway I'm sure this will all get sorted out.

    3. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      They're like one of the most trusted, I shop there all the time at their store and are great. Yeah two_zero Rocky climb Dave works there.

    4. TomC


      Just got off the phone with them and it seems like my order was just lost in the whole process. The guy on the phone apologized and offered to send it out to me tomorrow and he's going to chuck in some free BB's as well! Glad this is all sorted out :)