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  1. Airsoft tracers, will they work with standard white bbs or is it only proper tracer bbs that work? 

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    2. djben9


      same as Trig, i use ASGs and never had an issue...except somewhere to use them!

      Will be using them tonight in the low light.

      Occasionally add a mix bag (i know you shouldnt) with whites when at urban as its dull indoors....

    3. Sacarathe


      I know of no reason you shouldn't. But it's easy to forget that your gun still flashes 'like real' when you have a tracer without tracer bbs.

    4. clumpyedge


      I say the ASG ones suck as I've never had a gun that would fire them. Everything I've attempted to use them on I've either had jams or they have been chomped. Switched to G&G and nothing but perfect.

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