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  1. Table booked for the airsoft fair at the gaol Saturday, quite a lot of nice, high end kit and RIFS gonna be being sold, happily taking any sensible offer as we want it all gone

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    2. Spatch


      Not at all duck, just have WAY too much gear, guns that aren't seeing the light of day, got other stuff coming and on order so want to liquidate some funds, we are not gonna refuse any sensible offer on any kit we've got there, warrior kit, RS kit, TM recoil, TM pistols, LCT AK, KWA stuff, crye stuff

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      phew - nice gear, too good for me but wishing you best of luck.

      Keeps other half happy I guess and makes room for the even better stuff arriving.

    4. Spatch


      Dude, some of it's going for an absolute song, anybody who comes and finds us and says who they are on here will get special consideration on what they want, we will be the 2 guys in para regt hoodies, probably looking a bit hungover