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  1. In 2-3 weeks time, I will be able to get an AEG from my local shop, might not be what i wanted but at least it's better than my AK. Last I went, I saw an AUG on the shelf, so maybe that if there is nothing else.

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    2. CaptainDumbass


      Friz, youre 16/17 if i remember correctly? spend a year concentrating on school or chasing girls or something, then once youre 18 get a defense and start the sport properly, i see too many people rush and end up with shite gear and regret it a couple months later, take your time and be patient!

    3. AK47frizzle


      alrighty, here's how it will go; I am defo going to The Fort this summer. Defo but only if someone on forums is going. If there is a gun with a good rep that I don't mind in the shop, i'll get it, otherwise, i'll just leave and wait. As for gear, I do not plan to get a whole chest rig with a load of stuff attached. I plan for a simple, light weight loadout.

    4. Airsoft_Mr B
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