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  1. sh*t, the side of my molar chipped off completely while I was eating a marshmallow..... I want to see a dentist but I am now panicking because I need to see one... aaaa sh*t

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    2. M_P


      If you're under 18 I'd have thought so? Then again thinking back it might depend on the circumstances, I couldn't get my braces free when I had them as the problem wasn't big enough for it to be so- though with half a tooth I'd expect you'll be able to

    3. NickM


      Most teeth are built to withstand the sorts of pressures that are inflicted on them on a daily basis when intact. If you are missing a bit the pressure increases. This means that damaging the weakened bits that remain are more likely to be damaged. Get it fixed now before the work gets bigger, if it helps with the fillings and dentists taking more care tell them you dive and can't risk bad work.

    4. AK47frizzle


      I've made an appointment...... and the next available time is.. next month.. on a wednesday. Bullshit.

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