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  1. RMRs on pistols useful?

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    2. Guyver1


      For target/indoors,  yes very useful, i use an RMR on my G22 for practical target nights. 

      Outdoors not so much and will likely get damaged.


      Finding the dot after you draw is down to training and draw practice. You have to angle the nose down slightly as you bring it up to the aim.  Worth whilst spending the time on getting the DOT zero'd and gaining confidence that the BB will go where the DOT is.

    3. AK47frizzle


      Hmm i see. I plan to get one of those custom slides for a tm g18c. I guess even if I don't use an rmr, it'll be there as an option anyway. Looking at the rwa agency legacy kit atm. The ready fighter slides are also super cool.

    4. Druid799


      As all the rest have said for target yes definitely , anything else ? Nah not much use really . Think all the kills I’ve ever had with any of my pistols have all been ‘reflex’ shots , the ones where you literally just point and shoot as soon as you’ve drawn your pistol . 

      But yes also do agree they look cool as fook on a nice big fat racing pistol ! 😁

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