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    12 gage), ATC (air training corps), Bagpipes, large weapons, small arms, helicopters, skiing, flying, mountain biking, swimming, sailing, sniping and finely.... stealth.

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  1. Thinking of getting a WE G39K GBBR, but am not sure on that model of Rifle, so any feed back would be much appreciated :)

    1. Show previous comments  28 more
    2. Fraser15


      Sweet, I will get some of them if I get the gun, thanks guys :)

    3. Tariq


      begadi ones are awesome. Warrior also make some now

    4. Fraser15
  2. yes ! finally back on the forms, with a benelli M3 super 90 and some Flechtarn camo ! :D

  3. huuuh... got exams tomorrow... :-[

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    2. rexfan10


      too bad you werent in today because we basically got told all the rules/protocal etc. etc.!!!!

    3. TPI


      it 3rd year Pre-Lim's?

    4. Fraser15


      Yup all that poo....

  4. I went paint balling at the weekend....good fun....but after playing...I wish there was a better way of telling if people were hit in airsoft..

    1. rexfan10


      you sure you didnt go on Monday? XD

    2. two_zero


      *shrugs* I like that it's based on honesty.. well not so much when some guy with a pc stands in a bush hold up a whole team for 30 min because he cant feel his hits and just thinks he is the best.

  5. I went paint balling at the weekend...good fun...just wish there was a better way of telling if people were in airsoft...

    1. Tariq


      Easy... do they take their hits and not go through 1001284371029461 paintballs :P

  6. Need to buy a multiply shot shotgun!!!

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