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  1. Went to my first uni game alst night, which was a night game, at a site I've never been to before and it was terrifying. You could barely see people 5 meters in front of you, let alone if they were enemy or not. It also proves impossible to aim when using black sights to aim into more black...

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    2. Zak Da Mack

      Zak Da Mack

      As soon as a torch shines in your direction though, you're blinded


    3. SeniorSpaz87


      I know... Tac, as with my real Eotech, I have a 6mm piece of plexiglass I mount in front of important sights. Zak, I have used NV before, and the one I have access to I can use as a sight, yet keep it low enough as is to not blind me too much :)

    4. Spatch


      Cheap fix is glow in the dark nail polish, it does work