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  1. someone selling locally, does it sound like a decent deal? £188 for G&P M4 CQBR in good condition, Deepfire sealed metal hopup, Dreamarmy metallnozzle, G&P ultraspeed motor, 6.03 tightbore, deans connectors, G&P aimpoint, Magpul PTS angled foregrip, VFC Knights QD-silencer, one magpul pts pmag midcap.

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    2. Ian_Gere


      Deepfire hop - probly not much if any better than the stock,

      dreamArmy Nozzle woopdedo :D, G&P motor yeah not bad but i'd prefer ICS or Lonex, what TBB? Deans should expect so, G&P Aimpoint i like high sights but most ppl seem to be going with lower + they tangle on gear, PTS AFG can't be distinguished from an £8 clone, VFC suppressor is a nice touch for an M4 and a P-mag - still, it's a used gun in a period of time when most ppl are a bit skint and many are thin...

    3. Ian_Gere


      ...king that after what they spent over xmas+ny they wont be buying any non-essentials for a fair while - its a buyers market - i'd hold out for £150 as a price & let him walk if not - he cud well be back if ur tactful / unless u do really want it or are stuck for a gun

    4. two_zero


      offered him £160, still not sure thou - not like I don't have anything to shoot and bit afraid it will become another wall hanger! aaah decisions.