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  1. My Asshole of a Brother want's me to Trade an ICS SA80 i bought for £185 and spent £60 ish quid fixing for him and he say's an Iphone 4 is worth £200 Point me to the dumbass that dosen't know about the I5 even then I'd still be losing £70+ the contract I Wonder if i put this into an armoury at the RAF Camp and leave with a reall one and 1 round so i can rid myself of his insolence!

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    2. two_zero


      giving airsofter and responsible a very mature image.

    3. TPI


      ^ Disconnected from Reality Much?


      I don't know about any base's near you but it would be nigh on Impossible for a Civvie to even get close enough to do that but apparently in your neck of the wood's Killing off your Kin Folk is common Practice i dare say that's worse than Joking about it!

    4. TPI


      / Locked because i'm not gonna argue over something as stupid as that!

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