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  1. Why are UKAZ Seller's so annoying... they won't leave feedback or reply to PM's if your unlucky enough to be the New guy and only respond to you to tell you they've sold it to someone else... = Useless forum to buy anything on. It's funny that i found AFUK First and every other forum i join is appaling in comparison except Arnie's but they don't have a Sale's section so not to fair to compare !

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    2. TPI


      and that's up to you but i have had 4 people snub me for feedback on their and one was part of the Administration team!


      the other 6 are condesending jackasse's just because i don't have many post's! and they will only do business with other established user's that will also do bank transfer.

    3. GiantKiwi


      The other thing about that I'm not getting, is Big_Al seems to be admin for a good percentage of the UK airsoft forums, which is a little fishy.

    4. two_zero


      ...no feedback --> afuk sucks? Stopped caring about feedback long time ago.

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