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  1. If your a Forum Supporter/Mod and you use an MP5 could i Possibly use you as a Gear Testing Guinea Pig?

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    2. TPI


      I can Build it for an AK Or M4 Spec if it's Prefferred i Just Chose an MP5 Because it's a Small System that is more likely to be used in my Eye's atleast by those who only Travel on Buse's or don't have a Lot of Room but still want to have a Decent Speced Rig. Like a Grab Bag kind of Etho's to it

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      That's a pretty intuitive reason.

      Well, if you get one made I could test it out. I could pass it around my airsoft society, let numerous people give it a go and see what they think of it.

      If a lot of them take to it, then I could commission you to make a dozen or so for me to sell to them all.

    4. TPI


      Yea That would be fine.

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