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  1. Well I have 4 different buffer tubes and all of the buffers I have fit G&P, RA-Tech, Prowin, Angry Gun the tube brands are Geissele, G&P, Hao, and stock so ether your doing to wrong or I'm just lucky.
  2. Well I have the G&P springs, watermelon spring, and the G&P 4.5 nozzle but I have another G&P 1.0 nozzle coming as well as a "few" other parts.
  3. Lol I'm dying 🤣 it's for my old gen 1 kwa/ksc glock 34 now 17 I've had it for so long 3 different barrel/slide sets and final settled on the RA tech slide and Guarder barrel
  4. Well that's better than the 🦍 glue I was going to use.
  5. Well broke my trigger guard trying to get the roll pin in so no I need a new lower... and no I'm not thinking about that G&P set or another HAO kit probably a Guns Modify if I can find one
  6. Wellllllllll the gp complete nozzle set doesn't include the piston head but the guns Modify version does. And i left my phone/chrono in the rain sooooooo waiting for them to dry out
  7. Since firefox doesn't like me I'll add a response lol SAA pmag leaked overnight so i just got done putting teflon thread sealer on all the gaskets and valves but i would test the GP valve on the CAG 416D but its currently stripped down till i get a response back from blacksheep arms on cerakote prices.... Green upper/lower receiver and FDE on the rail, controls and buffer tube. As it currently sits color wise.
  8. Mine come in today so I'll have it built tomorrow
  9. The quick change barrel system is a cool concept but not worth the $250-500 its priced at over 10-15 minutes of work it's not like the barrel gets hot in airsoft so i find it more of a novelty item for people who test parts over a game item its not like changing a barrel is going to make you able to CQB after playing with a 16-20 inch barrel so it's not really viable to spend that much time thinking its a game changer. Well I'll be trying out .28G Elite Force BB's today so you night owls will see the results.
  10. I wish i could see snow here but oh well... High of 31c today And yeah Acetech has a app for the chronograph because its bluetooth
  11. I just used .20 as a standard because it's based off the stock mws. Shooting in 28.33 degrees Celsius and at 29.5inHG from 260 feet above sea level or 109 meters Saa pmag 330mm barrel stock spring AVG fps/ms 372.83/113.63 Joules 1.294
  12. So should i start off with .20's or just use the .28's i got filled in the mags lol and I'm starting with a G&P 330mm 6.03 barrel and bucking with super 6 nub stock everything else but i have a pdi 250mm 6.01 barrel that has the GM tan bucking, G&P hopup and s6 nub then 2 different buffer units and springs G&P/RA tech
  13. No news just that its on their latest products page.
  14. Well G&P seem to have made a new hopup unit.
  15. The G&P unit is made for green gas and Hongkong's 2.0j limit so i would suspect it needs to be tuned down some for cqb
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