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  1. I'm would love one of these for my mws, any idea if it's possible
  2. Hi all, nit sure if posting in correct place but I'll ask anyway. I have a hpa G&G arp556 that I want to add an alternative co plete upper reciever to for different scenarios. Us the arp9 receiver compatible with the arp556 lower as I've found a nicely priced arp9 that I could use if it will fit. Any help greatly appreciated, Thanks
  3. Hi all just purchased my first gbbr, MWS cqbr m4. Super excited 🙂 Bought it used and completely stock, I have read lots of different things with regards to upgrades etc etc etc...I plan on running it stock for now as I play mainly cqb. I do have a couple of question though for you knowledgeable people. 1. Is there anything I need to buy for running it primarily on green gas, spares upgrades etc 2. The UK is cold, any upgrades I can put in it to make it more gas efficient In the colder months. 3. my purchase is coming with two "iron mags" that are apparently leaking with green gas...any advice here would be awesome. Not really sure what they are Thanks in advance :-)
  4. Mixwell

    We mp5 Apache

    Hi, my name is max and I'm from the UK. I'm about to purchase the we mp5 A3 apache from ky airsoft and just wanted to ask a few questions first. 1. What length and make inner barell is recommended for the mp5 2. What hop bucking and nub is recommended 3. Is there any spare parts that I should order from them at the same time 4. Any upgrades that are essential Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  5. Mixwell

    Tippmann M4 V2 CQB

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    For sale is my Tippman M4 V2 CQB. Good condition with Box, manual, armourers wrench, 120 round tippman mag and C02 conversion parts. Selling as its not being used. After market parts and modifications below; Low velocity valve installed as standard Ninja slide check coil line Coil line with PTC fitting (installed) Amped IGL line prometheus 6.03 TBB (PTFE wrapped) sHOP with madbull red shark bucking pyramid air TDC mod Dwell mod Home made sound amplifier 12" mlok ally handgaurd + angled grip Tournament lock pin 1 1/4" buffer spacer Red dot sight Would prefer collection from Bristol due to weight but can post at buyers expense. Willing to travel an hour to meet If that helps. PM for any questions, pics or videos Thanks for looking



  6. brilliant thanks for the reply, Do I need an slp tank to go with that or can I just use my regular paintball tank. Thanks, Max
  7. what fps is it and what weight bb are you using. also is it the version 1 or version 2. Carbine or CQB?
  8. Hi all, I've been going through my loft/attic and I've come across my old YE/Escort MP5 (some of you on here may now of this gun), which I thought I didnt have anymore. Basically I dont have what I now know to be an SLP regulator (had to have a low pressure gauge fitted to a stabilizer etc etc and cant find it). The gun operated at no more than 150PSI and I want to get it going again. I've already got standard hpa tanks for my tippman m4 but only at 3500psi so need to step it down to safe pressure. Any help with regulator and slp lines and connectors would be super appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Max
  9. thanks for the reply, appreciated. So I'm aiming to use the vector for cqb primarily, how much fettling and adjustment is needed to get it to shoot around a Joule. I currently use 0.3g for my other guns so will likely just use the same ammo, unless you recommended anything else. Thanks for the tips on cleaning, I'll get straight to that before I start using it. My impression is that you certaintly know your stuff with these vectors, are you UK based (really hoping so lol) Thanks again
  10. thanks for that info, really appreciate. I'm gonna get the airsoft engenuity carbon fibre loading nozzle assembly today, any ideas where to get spare springs etc. I also dont think the gun has been used for a while, any tips on what to clean and lubricate with this gun as I'm reluctant to use it properly until I know it's nice any clean. Any help greatly appreciated 😀
  11. thanks for that, really appreciate it. I've just ordered the fixed hop unit from airsoft enginuity, wasnt sure which degree maple to go for...any suggestions. I'll hunt for a trigger sear set now, I've managed to download a manual for it online, any recommendations on cleaning, I'm aware that GBBR need more love and attention, my tippman hpa m4 would probably run on dirt, that thing is an indestructible beast lol. also, what gas would you recommend I use, the guy I bought it from had some 3.0 red, i normally use 2.0 green. Tha is again for your friendly advice, most appreciated. Max 😀😀😀 I'm a vector converter now lol
  12. thanks for the heads up..I think the torch plug is still in there, what happens if not??. I paid £150 with one mag and it's barely been used. Hoping I havnt picked up a lemon lol am i going to find it difficult to get spares for it. what parts would you recommend getting for spares. really appreciate your help guys, thankyou
  13. hi all, just purchased a used kwa vector which is stock. loving it already but just wondering if there are any essential upgrades or parts for this thing that I should get. thanks in advance max
  14. hi all, just purchased a used kwa vector which is stock. loving it already but just wondering if there are any essential upgrades or parts for this thing that I should get. thanks in advance max
  15. Hi I've PM you. just wondering if this is still available. Thanks
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