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  1. Alright, sound! Will look into that, I've already got a few things drying since this morning so hopefully by tommorrow evening I can test that out! if not, I'll definitely look into clear coating the parts
  2. Hey again pal! Yeah as far as that goes I've gone out and tested that today, got an old piece of clean metal that I sprayed black, let it dry for a good while and tried with the oil. It does scrub off pretty good, so I'm assuming that yeah this paint isn't too oil friendly lmao! Never applied clear coat on any of the surfaces after painting (and yes, I did sand the original cover before I painted it quite thoroughly!), but I'm kinda worried that the coating would behave the same way as the paint would, scrubbing off when in contact with oil. Any input or experience with clear coating, as far as resistance to oil goes? Any brand I should look into if it could prove useful in avoiding this issue?
  3. Thanks for the heads up pal! So you reckon that the quality of the paint is the direct cause of it rubbing off with 3in1 oil, right? Or is it just a comon thing for them spray paints to do this? I just really don't want to go out and get a nice spray paint for it to behave in the same way, would be a shame!
  4. Hey there guys! Recently, due to the rise of free time I've had, I decided to begin working on some projecst of mine, one involving modifying an painting a metal cover. Everything went pretty smoothly, paint looked real good, nice and dry and pretty solid too, used matt black spray paint for it. Only issue is that, after oiling things that were slightly close to it (using 3in1 lube), I noticed it began to rub off, not a lot mind you, but could begin to see the metal underneath. Kinda puts me on edge a little, is there any way I could prevent this from happening later on? Specially since I'll have to use oil fairly frequently. Any specific paints I could use? Only real requirement is it being matt black, nothing overly glossy.

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    Hey there fellas I'm out here trying to find an M60 VN LCT top cover, no other shall do unless proven otherwise, looking for a top cover with a flat side on the link ejecting side, like the LCT one, any links or directions to where one could be bough, are appreciated! Thank you very much for your time, and stay safe!


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