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  1. @Adolf Hamster That does make sense - I basically wanted an outing with a nice gun well tuned - but I'm probably naive to think I can just do that with a shopping list! The style of play I enjoy the most at the moment is sneaking in around the edges/woods and picking off defence during a team attack. This was my Sniper/DMR thinking. Although I expect this has a lot to do with experienced players getting the best of me in more close quarter combat! I am eyeing up this on the Classifieds: https://airsoft-forums.uk/classifieds/item/9038-scorpion-evo-carbine-package/ As I have read it is a great OOB gun, and its a super package saving me some inevitable purchases - the gun is stock as well - although already getting up there toward my budget without any 'upgrades'! At the ,oment though I still don't feel like i have a great handle on the various types of guns. The UKARA is really tough for me as I have a very busy life and only get to go sometimes, so the one game a month for 3 months thing is quite a tough ask. I'm obviously not planning any games any time soon because of the ongoing lockdown but contemplating getting a gun set up. @bully78 Thanks - I'll look into that!
  2. Hi, I would guess the "what gun and upgrades should I buy" question has been asked oh so many times on this forum and many others. So I was hoping if there was a guide for someone to purchase a gun and then a recommended list of upgrades. I would really love a "here is your shopping basket" kinda thing that I can research and look in to. I am defo a n00b and have only been a few times, and I was thinking of starting out sniping. I even repeatedly read how many people do this then discover it's a mistake and still wanted to do it (my thinking was: just get a good pistol for CQC).... but I am now exploring the idea of a DMR/AEG with good range so I can use it in more scenarios. So I am hoping someone can guide me toward what guns make a good platform, and guides on what upgrades can be achieved on this platform. I don't really have a budget, but would love to keep it under £400 if that's realistic. I am more than happy to buy S/H. I am aware of the law surrounding the Airsoft guns and I still need my UKARA but I am both confident I could show that I have a genuine reason for use (photos of me playing and bank statements of my purchases from UK sites) in addition I have friends who could look after any gun I buy until I get a UKARA.
  3. That would be nice, i looked for that option to try and do just that. The filters are quite limited. It would also be great to be able to limit the search to an asking price range and be able to sort by location/dustance.
  4. I have just been browsing your classified section and the "This advert is COMPLETED!" is a little confusing when browsing - I managed to find another topic asking the obvious question - "Does this mean the item is sold?", with the answer of course being that is does. It is a little ambiguous however especially as the "uncompleted" tag comes with a description saying it just means it hasn't been bumped. So maybe "completed" means it has been bumped?... This along with still being able to message the seller and the items still appearing in the search results (why do they?) all added up to making it difficult to know what it meant. So maybe a similar message at the top of the screen to the uncompleted tag that explains that the item has been sold/traded etc would be useful.
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