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    G&G CM16 Carbine with 1 hi cap magazines and a high quality 7.4v 1300mAh 25C LiPo battery. This is everything you need to get going with airsoft and is a great gun for a beginner/intermediate player or as a backup gun. Last chrono was 280fps on .25s. The mag included is the one closest to the gun in the photo.Selling only due to having too many guns now. If interested don’t hesitate to PM. Collection preferred from IP31 area but will post at buyers expense.


    Bury St Edmunds

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Classic army stoner LMG Accessories: - 2 box magazines (one can be temperamental to feed and the other feeds perfectly) - Original stock it comes with - Extendable bipod with tan tape wrapped around (removable) - Tan foregrip - Original motor - Original inner barrel - Original hop up unit and bucking - Dummy PEQ battery box - Rail cover - Iron sights - red dot sight with protector Upgrades: - SHS high speed motor (long axle) - Amoeba pro pistol grip - Custom 3D printed buffer tube adapter and buffer tube to fit new 6 position crane stock - ZShot CA Stoner (bullgear) hop up unit - Maple leaf flat hopped nub - TruHop high performance bucking - 6.02 maple leaf tight bore steel inner barrel - 14:1 high speed gears - 14 steel teeth piston This sale includes all the original stock parts so it can be changed back to how it was as stock or as backup parts. It shoots amazingly accurate with the new hop up unit installed and inner barrel. Front wired to micro tamiya with enough battery space for a big battery. Amazing rate of fire and sound. Always gets lots of interest and looks! All great condition with some wear on the outer barrel but easy to repaint. The range is excellent on it and well over £500 of upgrades have gone into this gun which was almost £400 new. If you have any questions or would like to see any more photos don’t hesitate to PM. Selling due to changing out of the support gunner role. Taking offers with price. Collection much preferred from ip31 area so you can see just how amazing this is and give it a go but will post at buyers expense. Will consider any swaps too so send over info and pictures Thanks.


  3. HarryW


    I disagree with the analogy to cars. First because it’s a completely different market than that industry. Second because it’s a lot easier to do work on airsoft guns than it is with cars for which you need to be a trained mechanic and it’s a lot harder to mess up airsoft upgrades. Third because the upgrade parts aren’t just replacements. Take for example, the new hop up unit is specifically designed as an upgraded part for this specific model and is pretty much a drop in upgrade which is easy to install yet costs £125 on its own to buy and get here as the only distributor is in the US. I agree with you that things depreciate that is clear. But across the board any gun being sold on the second hand market with upgrades fetches a premium compared to one as stock. For example, a scorpion evo on the second hand market tends to fetch around £250 but one with the evotek upgrade kit tends to fetch around £450. The upgrade parts in this gun have improved the rof from a poor 7rps to 28rps and the range was 30-40 metres and now has an effective range of 60-70 metres. That isn’t just my word it’s a tangible and noticeable improvement to the stock gun. It’s not on the advert but the piston has been replaced and the gears shimmed mainly because the piston teeth as stock are plastic. I asked advice because I was curious about other people’s input from those more experienced than me but that doesn’t mean that they’re correct. I disagree that I have been unreasonable or that I’m overvaluing what I’m selling but I do appreciate your input and the time taken to reply😊
  4. HarryW


    I don’t understand where you’re coming from. These go for about £275 on the second hand market as stock. You’ve said that the upgrades I’ve put into it add no value. So if I were to change all the bits to as it is as stock and then sell the upgrade parts separately it’s now worth more? I asked for opinions and you gave me yours and I’m grateful for it I just politely disagree with it. A gun which fires at a higher rof, much greater range and with majorly improved accuracy surely must be worth more than the stock gun is. All the parts put into it and buying the gun itself approach £1000 so I don’t see what is so unreasonable about the price I have listed it for. Evidence being that I’ve now had 2 offers, admittedly off usedairsoft and not this site with both offers being over £500. I’m not trying to incite an argument only questioning the rationale behind your valuation as I personally did some research into what these have sold for in the past. The lowest I found was £220 and the highest was £320 second hand with no upgrades done at all. So the uncertainty here lies in the valuation of the upgrades I have done which you have said is zero. They have all been done to a high standard and I have experience in airsoft upgrades and I’ve spoken to and got recommendations from airsoft technicians and those who own and have personally upgraded this platform.
  5. HarryW


    I meant thats what they sell for second hand as stock. They tend to sell for right around £275. And some of the upgrades are about aesthetics and comfort instead of performance but the new hop up unit and tight bore inner barrel and bucking/nub etc have made this the best LMG I’ve ever used.
  6. HarryW


    Thats what they are completely stock. This has had like £400+ of upgrades to it and shoots like a laser
  7. HarryW


    Mjj Pictures:
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