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  1. TM are doing a recoil 417. My pants are gonna need changing

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    2. jcheeseright


      the picture of the 417 on the poster is actually a real 417, they're so early in the development that they haven't even got a display prototype yet. The HK45 had a display prototype more than a year ago and it's only just appeared. I expect we'll be waiting a long time for a release date.

    3. M_P


      I'm more than happy to wait till the end of time for the 417, the only guns i'd want more are an m14 or g3 so yeah, the waiting is always tedious but I'm sure it'll be more than worth it. I Finally had a go on a recoil 416 a couple of weeks ago and was hugely surprised at how much more solid it felt than my socom- and the socom is far from bad. Something to look forward to for sure.

      I'm interested to see the pricing on the gbbr, the cerakoting is a massive plus for m...

    4. M_P


      me but will likely push the price up a fair bit I imagine.

      All in all though, it was a nice surprise to find when I woke up this morning

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