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    Full mtp,Emerson pom fast helmet,Revision sawfly mtp,Nuprol rtg plate carrier,Kombat UK mtp boots,
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  1. Calling all Kent based airsofters. A call to arms. Myself and an ever growing number of friends are members in a fast growing, ever evolving team. We are known in the industry far and wide as THE EXPENDABELLIES AIRSOFT TEAM (cue dramatic music). We have been established for a little over a year now and would like to see our numbers grow into something quite remarkable . We play hard but for fun. We play with honour and respect for those that fall in front of us 😉😉 and we welcome equally like minded people. Our founder and team leader Bill Whitmore-Ryan (aka Rocknroll) is a cracking bloke and he is doing his absolute best to make us a bigger and better team of awesomeness. Should you feel the need to want to join a team of awesome people then look no further. Still plenty of time to join. You can find us on Facebook. We organise group meets at different sites in Kent and will soon be arranging games further afield.
  2. KOBK81

    Tm g18c aep

    So I recently got hold of my first aep and tbh I wish I had got one along time ago I think it's great. The fact that it doesn't get cold fatigue is amazing. I'm looking to find out if I can adapt it to run a x cortech xt301 tracer. The end of the outer barrel is plastic as doesn't look thick enough to be able to cut a thread into it.
  3. I use the big foot batteries in my tm g18c they are 680mah 7.4v lipo and they fit very easily and comfortably.

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    Looking for a good used condition king arms l1a1 slr with wooden furniture i might accept an ares if the price is right. Preferably local to Kent but willing to pay for shipping if need be.


    , Kent - GB

  5. Couplease of new purchases. Unfortunately the pyro was out of stock but firesupport do a better deal anyway
  6. What are we looking at here I can't see anything other than a garden crate and a wall. 😉
  7. It's a straight solid pin. I didn't even think of a roll pin. Thanks for the reminder. I'll give it a bash.
  8. My release catch pin keeps falling out I've tried superglue but when you use the release the glue breaks and pins fall out. Anyone got any good fixes? Thanks.
  9. I've just paid for a cyma platinum 0.97a Taiwan gun prices are awesome
  10. I wonder if the ares ump barrel would fit that has a 14mm ccw thread on it.
  11. Had the chance to fire a new cyma platinum. The 0.97a to be precise. I'm really impressed with the new cyma guns and the fact it was full metal made it even better. The semi auto fire is very responsive with a short trigger pull. Full auto running an 11.1v lipo is incredible due to the 13:1 gear ratio. Less than £200 and it would rival most guns 3 times its price tag. I would recommend these to noobs and advanced players. You can't go wrong tbh.
  12. KOBK81

    Ares ump 45

    I'm going for a lonex barrel 6.03mm and the airsoftpro g36 hop unit.
  13. KOBK81

    Ares ump 45

    Mine is the elite force h&k ump from ares and has the metal outer barrel. Maybe you can get the ares outer barrel. Contact Iwholesales to see if they have any spares. Bare in mind that I wholesale don't sell to the public but will recommend a dealer. Thats exactly why I went for the ump45 I have never seen one out in a game. My collection is mainly m4 based and wanted something different. But want the suppressor to be partially covered I'm extending the inner barrel slightly so wanted to run a suppressor/barrel extension and a rail extension to cover some of the suppressor.
  14. KOBK81

    Ares ump 45

    His guys me again 😉. I'm awaiting the arrival of a new ump and I want to make it look different from the rest. I've already got a S&T m910 and a socom 195mm suppresor to go on it but I'm really wanting a quad rail barrel shroud to go on to it. I've seen people doing it to the real thing but I'm wondering if anyone has made any that are cheaper to go on an airsoft version. Has anyone on here done a forend conversion? Something similar to the picture. Thanks.
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