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  1. Well as I am new to teching with airsoft (years experience with air rifles, so some transferable skills) I am going to try flat hop before I move on to R-Hop. The motor is a G2 25k so should be fine for semi auto. The o-rings are fine and the cylinder has good compression. Once I have upgraded the hop up parts then I will hand it in to a shop to have a compression test on it. I was looking in to getting a sorbo pad for it, Do you have a link ? Will check good old you tube for how to install.
  2. Ahh fair enough. Yes I'm in the UK. So which nub would you recommend to go alongside the maple 60 bucking?
  3. Really, well that saves me a few ££ on parts. But I thought the maple leaf 60 was rated for 296-396 ?? If i am looking to get 480/490fps with a PDI 260% spring then surely I would need the 75 bucking which is rated for 429 - 495 ??
  4. Hi there people... I have a G&G TR16 MBR 556WH and I am looking at doing some upgrades to make it a DMR. It already has a Prometheus 6.03mm barrel. I have spoken to someone with a 556WH who has a DMR setup running at 435 fps. This is his set up: SHS full cylinder SHS 14 tooth piston SHS double O-ring Piston head Maxx Pro hop-up unit Pink 75 maple leaf bucking Namazu Firefly hard Nub. M140 spring. I am looking to go up to 480/490 FPS as my field DMR limit is 500fps. Would this setup work well with a PDI 260% spring? I would love your constructive criticism on these parts and If you know that something would work better then please point me in the right direction. Thank you
  5. And again that was my thinking haha. (on the same level you and me!) Tht and xmas is coming up so it wouldn't be too hard to drop a few hints to the Mrs that I need one for sniping outdoors then the GBB for CQB lol
  6. Ok thanks pal. Was looking at the TM MK23 as will be going DMR/sniper but I really like M1911's and was looking at the KJW . I just dont know whether to go the sneaky rout with NBB or get a GBB for the fun of shooting it. That's why I wanted to try a few to see which feels right. But it's good to hear you approve of the KJW's
  7. Hi guys and girls, I'm looking to get a new sidearm and would like to go to see, hold and maybe try as many as possible so I make the right choice. I am in Folkestone and there really isn't much choice around. I am thinking of going to platoon stores in Rochester on Saturday as they have a few I can look at. Can you recommend any other retailers in Kent that has a good choice and display for me to go this Saturday?? Thanks
  8. Ok great, thanks guys. Also while I'm here... Any one done any upgrades to them? Mine is already coming with a Prometheus barrel (6.03 i think), Was considering flat hopping it but should I fit a hop up too or will the standard be fine once flattened?
  9. Nice, was looking at the 308SR too. Which battery are you running?
  10. Did anyone end up going for the TR16 MBR 556WH ?? I should be getting mine soon and would like some advice on batteries for it
  11. Hi pal, I should be getting my 556WH soon. How did you get on with the 20C 11.1 lipo ?... Would you recommend it or any other?
  12. Yep... Although coming from paintball and air rifles airsoft is just another ball busting bank breaker Brilliant, will do. 2 ?? I only found Triple AAA which is the CQB. Whats the outdoor one?
  13. Errrmmmm NOW YOU TELL ME ! hahahaha Already have a big buy list set up for my load out and currently looking at rifles and upgrades lol
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