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  1. plz provide source, I'm about to order one and would like to know where you got this from?
  2. Anyone have any experience with the DanielDefense pistol grips? Does the integrated trigger guard on the grip work with the MWS receiver profile?
  3. You won't get parts that look exactly like what Q is using for the Badger, but there are alternatives. G&P and 5KU make retractable stock sets for the mws - they usually come with shorter springs and recoil buffers. Dytac makes a SLR style upper and lower receiver set which aesthetically is similar to the Q Badgers desgin(besides the color/paint job). Foregrip is similar to a MCMR, plenty of replicas out there. Pistolgrip looks like the cheapest Magpul one. Slap on a short aftermarket barrel and dummy silencer and you'll get something that might even look better th
  4. They're really slow. I always choose the cheapest shipping option available when buying parts, and packages from shops like redwolf, wgc, rainbow8 or boomarms arrive in under a couple of weeks, but every damn order that was shipped by jkarmy took more than a month. Sometimes they even take more than a week to process your order before shipping, even if it was in stock when you made the purchase.
  5. I went for the WiiTech http://www.wiitech.com.hk/product-detail.shtml?product_id=686&path=57_145 Similar, more concave shape to the nub. Works well with the tan bucking.
  6. Anyone know where one could buy a stock marui cqbr outer barrel? Or any aftermarket 10.3 inch outer barrel that would fit with the stock barrel nut and front sight post?
  7. Looks like NOVA released a custom MWS upper receiver styled after the BCM MK2, and it has the same inner barrel quick release system as the G&P receiver: http://gunshop-tactics2.com/Tactics2/item.cgi?item_id=NOVA-MWS-01 https://hakurai-armory.jp/SHOP/1043.html Wallet am cry.
  8. Anyone know where I could get a original 10.3 inch cqbr barrel? Impulse101 had some in the past but they're out of stock now.
  9. That FNX is beautiful. Always wondered if applying cerakote to plastic would work, especially a plastic slide on gbb replica where the plastic tends to deform/expand under use. Normal paint would normaly start flaking off after a while. Seeing this I'm really tempted now to apply a cerakote finish to my TM G19 slide.
  10. Looks like G&P is releasing a drop in bolt carrier set for the MWS, and it comes with the roller attachement for either the stock or G&P buffer tube: https://www.wgcshop.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/g-p-forged-aluminum-complete-bolt-carrier-group-set-for-marui-mws-m4-gbbr https://www.wgcshop.com/collections/new-arrivals/products/g-p-mws-forged-aluminum-complete-bolt-carrier-group-set-for-g-p-buffer-tube Also, someone testing a G&P 40 round magazine for the MWS
  11. Send an email to ptssyndicate in the US, they have some of the Radian branded ones still in stock. You won't be able to place an order through their website directly because they only serve US continental customers, but they can invoice you by email. Their shipping to Europe was a bit expensive though, almost $20 iirc. AirsoftGI and Evike still have some of the AXTS branded ones. It's the same thing just with a different logo before AXTS became Radian. I ordered the AXTS branded handle from AirsoftGI today because they had the cheaper shipping option.
  12. @hunter511 Did you need a barrel nut adapter? How good does it sit on the barrel nut? Any wobble? I'm currently contemplating on getting a 13 inch mcmr clone, either AG or C&Ctac, and was wondering if it would fit the stock mws 14.5 inch socom barrel.
  13. Beautiful, love the mcmr rail, what manufacturer is it? C&C Tac, DyTac or AngryGun?
  14. Couple of questions, maybe someone could help: 1. I want to replace the stock rail and barrel with the G&P DD MK18 front set. What tools do I need? Would this https://gunfire.com/en/products/steel-airsoft-barrel-nut-wrench-for-m4-m16-1152202492.html suffice? 2. A question for those who own the Angry Gun high speed bolt carrier in FDE. How close to the real thing(BCM) is the color tone? A bit more subdued, darkish or lighter in tone? 3. Does anyone know if there are companies out there doing monolithic uppers for the mws? I want an mlok LMT MRP so badly.
  15. Well, today arrived the package with the mws. Now to move on to some upgrades. That Angry Gun drop in muzzle replacement is one of the first things I'm considering buying, not necessarily for the npas but the more durable plastic(unless someone can recommend me something that's as equally durable but without npas). Next is the prometheus 370mm inner barrel - don't know though what the differences are between a 6,00mm or 6,03mm diameter. Also on my list the super nub, and a new recoil buffer. Now when it comes to recoil buffers, which one would be the better choice if I'm looking for
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