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  1. Softcore

    THE TM MWS thread

    @hunter511 Did you need a barrel nut adapter? How good does it sit on the barrel nut? Any wobble? I'm currently contemplating on getting a 13 inch mcmr clone, either AG or C&Ctac, and was wondering if it would fit the stock mws 14.5 inch socom barrel.
  2. Softcore

    THE TM MWS thread

    Beautiful, love the mcmr rail, what manufacturer is it? C&C Tac, DyTac or AngryGun?
  3. Softcore

    THE TM MWS thread

    Couple of questions, maybe someone could help: 1. I want to replace the stock rail and barrel with the G&P DD MK18 front set. What tools do I need? Would this https://gunfire.com/en/products/steel-airsoft-barrel-nut-wrench-for-m4-m16-1152202492.html suffice? 2. A question for those who own the Angry Gun high speed bolt carrier in FDE. How close to the real thing(BCM) is the color tone? A bit more subdued, darkish or lighter in tone? 3. Does anyone know if there are companies out there doing monolithic uppers for the mws? I want an mlok LMT MRP so badly.
  4. Softcore

    THE TM MWS thread

    Well, today arrived the package with the mws. Now to move on to some upgrades. That Angry Gun drop in muzzle replacement is one of the first things I'm considering buying, not necessarily for the npas but the more durable plastic(unless someone can recommend me something that's as equally durable but without npas). Next is the prometheus 370mm inner barrel - don't know though what the differences are between a 6,00mm or 6,03mm diameter. Also on my list the super nub, and a new recoil buffer. Now when it comes to recoil buffers, which one would be the better choice if I'm looking for durability on green gas and not necessarily bigger recoil? I'm currently eyeing the Angry Gun aluminum buffer(which apparently is around 62g compared to the stock polymer 24g), or one of them G&P buffers... so many of them though, some even come with replacement tubes and new rollers for the bolt carrier(why?)... dunno which one to choose and also if I need to replace the buffer tube if I plan to use a metal buffer.
  5. Softcore

    THE TM MWS thread

    I believe the adapter is only necessary if I leave the original barrel on, right? The G&P MK18 front set has a shorter barrel with adequate spacing to mount the rail. I assume all I'd have to do is to remove the original barrel and mounting, put the inner barrel into the new outer barrel and screw everything in place. One thing that worries me is the hop up adjustment while removing the inner barrel and reattaching it - is complicated to remove the dial mechanism?
  6. Softcore

    THE TM MWS thread

    Thanks, I was wondering because there's no mws markings on the packaging for the carbine version, but from everything I've seen online and just looking at the barrel nut it looks identical between all versions(carbine, mws and block1). Better safe then sorry though. One more thing I noticed looking at the above pic is that one could probably take the ris rails off an mws and put it onto the carbine version without unscrewing anything. Too bad they're not sold separately.
  7. Softcore

    THE TM MWS thread

    Hi everyone, I'm a gbbr newbie looking to buy a TM M4A1 but have a question about aftermarket rail compatibility. I can get the M4A1 "carbine" non-mws version for cheap(the one with commando style foregrip and carrying handle mounted on the upper), and was wondering if the G&P DD MK18 front set would fit onto this version of the gun. I'm talking about fitting this: http://www.gp-web.com/product/marui-mws-dd-mk18-front-set-black/ onto the upper of this: Thanks in advance for any help, and I apologize if this was already brought up before.
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