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  1. Hey Frankie. How are you settling into airsofting? I've been doing this on and off for several years now, life always gets in the way somehow, but now im restarting it this year, was looking for suitable players to go with. Wandered if you were interested? 

  2. Both the battery and charger...?? Was looking at the vapex - 9.6 and smart charger as nice budget replacement? Thanks
  3. Hi, Just opened up my Specna Arms Rock River Arms SA-C12 CORE - £120 from patrol base... First impressions - feels really good 👍🔫 Question - would you use the included battery and charger? a) throw straight in the bin, b) keep and use as a back up, c) fine to use for my first few game days? Thanks in advance for the feedback....
  4. Cool, I’ll have to check it out. thanks
  5. Did anyone make it to Epsom in the end? what was it like? Any good? It’s local for me... Hence interested. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the feedback, yeah, I don't imagine that I'll be using it a whole lot, just a back up when i'm on the field... if i run out of ammo mid fight... and/or my main AEG goes down... If I then decide that I want to use a pistol as a primary, I'll then look at something more universal like a hi capa, I guess... but for the money, something to mess around with on christmas day, should be lots of fun Cheers Frank
  7. Driver wood have got a couple of Christmas dates.... It’s been improved a lot the last few years 21st and 29th December https://driverwoodpaintball.co.uk/airsoft-walkon/
  8. Just got my UKARA License... VERY EXCITING Ordered myself a Specna Arms SA-C12 CORE (PatrolBase) ICS BLE XAE (TaiwanGun) 9.6v 1600mah battery and charger (vapex) 2 x Hi Cap M4 Mags Spare Pistol Gas Mag Green Gas G17 Holster 0.25 ASG Blaster BB's A couple of speed loaders A Gas Mag Value Tool Silicone Oil & Silicone Grease Bring on the new year...!! I think I'll be all set!! Cheers Frank
  9. Cool, thanks for the quick response... I’ll be using it mainly as a back up sidearm, so hopefully it’ll fit the bill. Cheers and enjoy your beast of a TM Frank
  10. Hey doe, I’ve just picked one of these up on a Black Friday deal... How did you get on? Any advise would be great, I’m new to the sport Many Thanks Frank
  11. That is true, I got caught up in the Black Friday excitement!!
  12. Hi, I've got a AEG and wanted to pick up a basic back up side arm... just ordered this... ICS BLE XAE... it comes with 2 gas magazines - for £72... black friday offer... It seems like a good deal... but would like your thoughts... I wanted something with ok bb capacity (25 seems good), not massively expensive and something which has a threaded barrel so I can attach a tracer unit to it... (once I get one)... it seems to fit all the boxes... Have a missed anything... am going to run it on green gas & 0.25g bb? Here is a link to taiwan gun... https://www.taiwangun.com/en/gas-4/ble-xae-black-ics Have I bought a LEMON??!!?? Many Thanks Frank oh and happy black friday!!!
  13. I've just got my UKARA and have ordered myself my first AEG!!! I went with the Specna Arms Rock River Arms SA-C12 CORE - £120... comes with a battery and a charger... seems to be good value for money... I'm sure that there are other guns other their that are better... but for the price, I'm hoping I've made a good choice Anyway, couple of questions.... 1. BB's a. What weight BB's should I run... I'm thinking 0.25g - I presume it's going to kick out around 300 FPS? b. What brand should I go for? A lot of places seem to sell Nuprol RZR, are they good? ASG Blaster 0.25 seem to be good value? I don't mind paying more for decent BB's... but also don't want to be paying more then required when it's not necessary? 2. What to check - Out the Box... It's a Christmas present, so I won't be using it until the new year... Jan, Feb, March time... however I just was wondering what I should check before it goes under the christmas tree... i.e. I'll put a few rounds through it... anything else? Many Thanks In Advance Folks.... I've been reading a lot.... contributing a lot less... Cheers Frank
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