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  1. What's the compensator on the HK45? I don't think I've seen an airsoft HK45/P30L with one before.
  2. Got a bunch of stuff from Invader Gear on the way: a Reaper QRB plate carrier, cargo pack, 3 single 5.56mm mag pouches, and an admin pouch, all in Ranger Green. Also ordered a 2L Hydrapak Force bladder - the weather's in the high 20s/low 30s now and the 700ml water bottle I'd been carrying wasn't going to be enough.
  3. Midcap or highcap? I've had no issues with mine, but they don't feed 100% of the magazine - there's usually still 3-4 BBs left - so it might be worth trying it again with it loaded to about half. Typically when it stops feeding there will be at least one BB in the mag, but you won't be able to see any through the little clear plastic bit at the top of the magazine. Gunfire always seem to be out of stock of the Specna pmag-style magazines that work with the 416 magwell. 😕
  4. I always thought it was an MOE style stock. Doesn't the CTR have another latch at the front (rifle end) of the stock? If you want to keep to the totally not Magpul style, then these magazines work: https://www.taiwangun.com/en/aeg-mid-cap/150rd-mid-cap-polymer-magazine-for-ar-15-m4-black-battleaxe-3 Patrolbase has them as well but they're out of stock at the moment. Keep in mind that the H08 has an RAHG style rail, which is a bit of a pain to get attachments for - afaik you can't bolt anything M-LOK to it, you need to use RAHG RIS mounts and then put what you want
  5. Semi-necro, but I thought I should post what I ended up using. I got 6 of these back in February, took a while to be able to test them but I can confirm that they work with the H05 (and presumably the other "old" Specna Arms 416s since they use the same lower). https://www.taiwangun.com/en/aeg-mid-cap/150rd-mid-cap-polymer-magazine-for-ar-15-m4-black-battleaxe-3 Fits without any modification, holds in place, a little bit of wobble back and forward but nothing side-to-side. There's also a 330rd hicap version, which I haven't tried but seems to be identical exte
  6. Crap, forgot to mention those are European sizes, not inches. Flecktarn listed the M as 40"-43", and I'm used to slightly loose shirts, so I thought it would be fine. The same shirt in S should fit me according to Flecktarn's chart, but LK don't make them. I was going to just buy the Truspec one in S until I saw this: The sleeves were the biggest issue for me with the LK shirt and they seem to be even bigger on this one, despite it being a Small.
  7. Having bought, tried on once, and then sold my Leo Köhler Combat Shirt in the smallest size they make (M), I'm now looking for a replacement that will actually fit me. I measured beforehand and I'm around a 96cm chest, which would put me at a size 48 - but somehow the 46/48 ended up being at least 2 sizes too big, especially the sleeves. I'm a scrawny bugger but I wasn't expecting the sleeves to be more than twice the size of my arms. Another problem is my team runs A-TACS FG and are swapping to iX, and I've only seen two other companies that make combat shirts in iX at the moment
  8. Don't suppose you still have a link to that set, do you? Does the UH-1 clone have the correct reticle?
  9. 1. How did you get into Airsoft? One of my squadmates in the Arma2 group I used to be part of posted some pics of his G36C. That lead me to checking scoutthedoggie's youtube channel, which got me hooked. I'll blame Escape From Tarkov for me getting back into it, though. I always wanted to go to The Mall way back when (never managed to), and the Interchange map is probably the closest thing I'll find now. 2. What would your callsign be? Never really bothered with them past my username. 3. What would your primary and secondary gun be (optional third)?
  10. Leo Koehler combat shirt and Explorer trousers in A-TACS iX. Excited to see what the quality's like since all my stuff up until now has either been surplus DPM or really cheap 8Fields/unbranded stuff.
  11. Hi folks. Thought I should stop lurking and actually contribute... I started airsofting around 2008-2009ish, got my UKARA, then between my local site closing and then work getting in the way I had to give it up. I moved to Slovenia a few years back and was skirmishing on and off for a while, then started taking it more seriously about 6 months ago. Now I'm in the never-ending process of finishing my kit...
  12. Bit of an update on this one. I ordered a 5 mag box of the 190rd Modify XTC mags...turns out they fit fine, they stay in place but I can't get them to feed consistently. Best case scenario was getting 2-3 rounds out on semi, it wasn't keeping up with full auto at all - and that's with a stock Specna running a 7.4v LiPo, hardly a high RPS build. A team mate said it's happened to them with other Modify mags in Specnas, and it seems to be down to the spring not being strong enough. So now I've got to figure out whether to wait for Gunfire to get the 125rd Specna S-Mags back in st
  13. Good point - I just know that there were some spring issues with midcaps (iirc it was the PTS ones?) a while ago that stopped them from feeding the last few rounds properly, so I'm a bit wary of half-filling the mags because of that.
  14. Hi folks. I've got a Specna SA-H05M (which seems to have the same standard 416 lower receiver as the SA-H02) and I'm trying to find some low/mid cap magazines for it - ideally PMAG or other modern polymer ones. Problem is, the only mags that Specna have confirmed work with it are 3 different STANAG hi-caps. So far I've tried a Kublai 120rd Lancer copy (which doesn't lock and doesn't feed), a G&G Midcap (same problem), and the Modify XTC 190rd midcap - the only one of the three that worked, but seems to have little texture on the mag itself and is a bit higher capaci
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