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  1. My current WIP set up. Just recently got back into the sport after a ten year hiatus. Originally played as a teen in Ireland and actually managed to reuse my most of the kit I found hiden in my parents attic! All balling on a budget, mostly clone and replica items. Most expensive item is the Solomon Quest GTX Forces. Highly recommended I have used these daily for work, the odd saunter up a few hills and of course Skirmishes. Seriously comfy and still completely waterproof to this day. PC is an Emerson replica S&S Precision Plate Frame. AEG is a Frankengun clobbered together with self upgraded G&G gearbox, an almost 10 year old Cyma M4 licensed Body, and a bunch of new replica furniture from eBay. Pistol is a WE Gen 3 Glock 18, tan lower.
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