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    1. Russe11


      lol, I love it. Will your dog be posting pics in the loadout pics thread?

  1. Ive created a Fb group for londoners please join and share https://www.facebook.com/groups/218445978335271/

  2. Has anyone repaired a BT tracer before?

  3. Hi anyone from London up for going to the sandpit this sunday?

  4. Is anyone going to TWA Woodland in Croydon tomorrow?

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    2. SpecialForce


      Which way you coming from i'm in sw16. Looking for a group of reg players I could join.

    3. TeddyBhoy


      Im in se18 so bit of the opposite end lol, I hear the Sandpit near bluewater in Kent is good, a lot of guys on here play there.

    4. SpecialForce
  5. Beware of this guy. I did a swap with him sent him 2 items and never got anything back. Next step police. https://www.facebook.com/ben.robinson.1671897?fref=ts

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    2. SpecialForce


      ukara is for retailers and his father seemed legit and provided me with sufficient defence. going to report him tomorrow. sad story.


    3. CES_williamson


      ah okay yeah i meant some kind of defense, yeah it is sad when someone does that, i did send the kid a Facebook message but he ignored it

    4. SpecialForce


      Yea I've sent him plenty, and wonder if he really is that daft pulling something like this and thinking the repercussions wont affect him at all. I've got all the proof in my hands thats why I was so lax about it in the first place. I would advise anyone who does a swap to use several methods of communication and ideally fb connection so you wont, in the worst case, report it to the police with useless info and little evidence.

  6. Alrighty, I'm still packing things for the NAE after we spent 3 hours looking for a lost vsr mag catch like a brixton crackhoe for business and still came up empty! However we have been lucky elsewhere and are being sponsored by Slumit Tents for the event. Hope to see you guys there and if you find us then come and check out the Slumit flash tents we have with us.

    1. SpecialForce


      Got a brand new Karimos X-Lite 3 for sale at the NAE. Going for £100 instead of £199!

    2. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      Lost VSR mag catch...ouch. TM should have updated it and copied the idea of the AGM clone where it is secured by a metal plate and screw.

    3. SpecialForce


      yea mate, i dont get why its just sitting in there like that. Its as if they want you to loose it!

    1. Pinbacker


      looks like a good way to get your phone shot

    2. SpecialForce


      hahaha yea def but you can get like a cheap android phone with a hard case and a mount..wouldnt mind getting it but not really worth it unless you got a team. Def better than the 'heartbeat sensor' redwolf were selling.

  7. Looking for a rail mount that can hold a 28mm cam, ideally adjustable. Any tips?

  8. Hey anyone got a tip for a good 2013 model 2 berth tent? So far I've looked at coleman, vango, msr and slumit price up to £150.

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    2. SpecialForce


      Oh and pitching either flysheet first or fly and inner, dont really want a inner first.

    3. TacMaster


      Flysheet comes first, inner is hooked onto the inside after the flysheet's up

    4. SpecialForce


      thanks a lot for your advice, found it on sportsdirect for £75.

  9. If Umarex hold all the licences for HK replicas how does TM continue producing them without any law suits?

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    2. SpecialForce


      Yea but the TM guns have all the trademarks. Look at the 416D for example thats only been released and its loaded with them.

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      They're in Asia, the land of knock offs.

      They probably just argue the case that "H&K 416D" just so happens to mean, "AEG clone rip off D" in spectacularly English looking, Japanese symbols.

    4. SpecialForce


      Hahahah that's a great one!

  10. Hi anyone played Crysis 3 beta yet?

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    2. SpecialForce


      Yea I briefly played it yesterday. If you have a beastie pc it looks amazing but its still crysis..

    3. TacMaster


      seen some footage of it, the maps look call of duty-ish...

      But a lot better looking.

    4. SpecialForce


      I didnt like it..i played it on pc and xbox and the MP is rather weird. I bet the story mode will be pretty nice to look at if you got a high end pc. Dx11 tessilation etc

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