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  1. luco_mc

    Walk on site

    Thanks guys for input, I haven't been able to booking yet working on those day next one i would be able to go to will be 31st March will be my second visit on more and i can apply for my defence. I have got a speed loader 2x25 mag and i got x1 50 round magazine. playing on booking it once it on the site going to try pistol only.
  2. luco_mc

    Walk on site

    The site i have went to is a cqb site indoor site. The difference for walk on and rent is £20 Thanks for your input
  3. luco_mc

    Walk on site

    Hi I am new to airsoft Is it acceptable to go to walk on with just a Air soft pistol or should you have a larger air gun. I have a currently have two tone WE EU26 G26 Glock and two WE G-Series G17/18/33 25rnd Gas Magazine would that be enough for each game . Still very new to airsoft. I have a friends who has a air soft gun he can give me once i get my UKARA Thanks