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  1. Looking at what to buy on payday and a torch is high on my list. Been looking at a m300. Are there any airsoft lights that have a reinforced lens to prevent shoot outs? I don't mind running a protector on it but feels like there should be a product to fill this gap. link below for one I am currently looking at.



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    2. Musica


      If I can get over the honking front end I might be in to it. You going on the 28th? Seeing it next to my evo might convince me it's fine. 

    3. Rogerborg


      Nope, I've been given a tongue lashing by the missus, and not in the good way.  My next permission slip is for May 12th.


      The other torch that I run is this 'un:




      UK sellers are available.  I link to that package for an example, as it contains batteries, a charger and the remote switch.


      It's intended as a pistol torch (and works well on a G17) but is also nice and compact on an AEG.  It's surprisingly bright as it runs at 7.4V - I judge my torches on the number of "Fook's sake, mate!" protests, and that produces plenty of them. ;)


    4. Musica


      I'm looking at S8 for the 12th so could be June till I'm back at Depot also that's old firm day so finding people who aren't busy to play with is getting tough bloody football!


      I prefer the form factor for sure of that small one but the laser puts me off. Guess I just need to realise I already knew what I wanted and was checking if there was anything similar or better for the money or less.


      Your red dot is that the ncstar one? https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?cPath=275_553&products_id=2497


      The look is growing on me and might match the strange look of the evo.

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