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  1. All, A slightly late update owing to missing the game in early feb and mid feb! So the next update in this series, played last weekend at Gunman Eversley. Conditions we very wet (steady rain) and strong winds basically all day. Gunman Eversley is a heavily wooded area, but the wind was so strong it was still noticeable at ground level among the trees (BB's doing crazy stuff!). Temperature was in the very low teens or very high singles. Humidity was low owing to the wind. I did not wear my mesh face guard, but did wear the googles and (initially the snood - until i took it off as it wasn't really comfortable/practical). Long story short - hardly a hint of fogging! There were one or two times when it tried to fog (barely noticeable around the bottom of the mask), this was when i had my snood on and it never built up and often cleared very quickly. I will endeavour to wear my mask the next time I play, if not next weekend then in early April. 'SITREPS to follow'. - Sharpe
  2. All, As promised having played a game on Saturday I have some notes on the performance of the eyepro. Some notes on the conditions. It was about 3- 5 degrees, very overcast with little wind and the site is dense woodland. It was also quite humid and by the afternoon 'mizzle' and then drizzle set in. So very poor conditions in my honest opinion. First run was with Wiley X 'spear' dual ('thermal') lens, with mesh mask with a 'snood' over the top in the hope it might prevent the worse of the build up. Result- bad fogging (but not condensation) build up within about 30 mins of not particually active moving around. I would add this was still an improvement (I think) as while the fog prevented play, it was not as thick as the condensation build up on the ballistic glasses 2 weeks before in slightly better conditions. Next I cut the foam out the top and bottom of the Google's (it's to protect from dust. I was not concerned that a bb would be likely to enter straight up or down the goggle). There are plastic ridges that would probably prevent it anyway, so I was not concerned about cutting out the little foam strip. I also ran with the mask and snood off as it was too warm for the snood and I didn't want to risk another fogging up incident. Result: The goggles were perfect and there was not a hint of fog build up for the rest of the day. The performance was actually better than the ballistic glasses from two weeks ago despite the fact that the ballistic glasses were in slightly better conditions and logically have much better ventilation. However whereas there was still fogging on the glasses (also with mask off) there was not a sight of fogging on the goggles. Next time I play I will try again with the mesh mask and see if the mask/eyepro combo is doomed to fail in colder months. More news follows as I learn more. - Sharpe.
  3. Hey guys thanks for all the comments. Well I've taken a chance and gone for Wiley X dual pane 'thermal' goggles as they no longer do the fan version. I'm trying them out at Gunmans Eversley FilmSim tomorrow so will report back here with the outcome. I'll run them first with the mask and the foam in initially to see how much better/worse they are compared to glasses. After that ill look at taking the foam out. Like a lot of people have mentioned I am also a 'hit it with everything' kinda guy. So if that still doesn't work I may have to get some kind of fan rigged up. Failing that it's off with the mesh mask, which when I ran without it last time resolved the issue. I bought a 'snood' to at least offer some kind of protection - even if it only stops me from eating a BB. I didn't get enough time to get the wipes so if it's all going Pete tong next ill order some in the hope they stop me having to bodge a fan. Fingers crossed, and I'll let you know how it goes - Sharpe.
  4. [Play test/reviews of goggles at bottom of thread] Hi guys, As title really. I suffer a lot from fogging (or to be more precise, condensation build up) which really has a bad impact on my game to the point I have to stop and walk to the safe zones to clean them out etc - and this is with ballistic glasses let alone goggles. I am aware that the majority of the problem is that I wear a mesh mask, which probably causes 90% of the issue, but I am a weed and I am also worried about that 1 in a million shot that takes a tooth out or chips a tooth by accident. I know all the 'tricks of the trade' in terms of shaving foam, tootpaste, fairly liquid, anti fog wipes etc which I see as an aide rather than a fix (as I can apply this to any eyepro). But I am looking for a better performing 'foundation' in terms of the kit itself. Does anyone use any of these dual lens (also reffered to as 'thermal lens') type goggles? I am considering 'buying myself out' of the fogging problem (as far as I can) by getting a top end set of goggles, like these Wiley X 'Spear' dual lens goggles SEE HERE If anyone has these or uses something similar it would be great to know if they work or not? Thanks in advance. - Sharpe PS: Sorry I know this is my second post on the subject of Eyepro, but this is a more targeted question.
  5. So, after many questions and sucking of teeth I have finally done it. First gun bought - TM HK416d DevGru. Got it with: - x5 PTS-EMP 120/30 rnd mags (plus the stock mag that comes with it) - Magpul style AFH mk2 angled foregrip - Magpul style CTR stock (drilled out by the retailer to fit the battery) - x3 Nurprol 7.4v 1100mah lipo (converted for deans, as is the 416) - Nurprol hard case Particular thanks to Dave at Daves Custom Airsoft for helping me out with the order and stupid noobie questions - great guy, great store and great service, take a look at this site HERE Also, very many thanks to all those that helped answer all my questions on this forum. For those that posted about the Scorpion, it was touch and go all the way and I very nearly got it! But particualr thanks to Druid799 on these forums who has been really REALLY helpful! - Hope to see some of you out on the skirmish sites - Sharpe
  6. Hi guys, Looking to get some eyepro and was wondering what collective experience and wisdom is out there in forum land? Some key points: - I will be expecting to wear a FAST style helmet - I will be expecting to wear a face shield (alla Nurpol wire mesh guard like THIS) - I would prefer tinted lenses (not for aesthetics) - but this is not an absolute requirement. - I would prefer to get goggles where possible. I am not 100% comfortable with non wrap around eyepro, nor eyepro without a good solid head strap . - Views on which goggles have known issues with fogging or, conversely being really good at not fogging will be really useful as I always seem to 'fight the fog' even with glasses. The goggles i am looking at are shown below. If you own/have owned one, or know someone that uses/used one or if you just have views more generally then I would really appreciate your comments and/or recommendations if you use something similar. As you can probably tell, I am not that concerned about the price, I would rather (well) over egg the cake when it comes to eyepro. - Wiley X Spear Goggles (c.£105), LINK - Wiley X Nerve Goggles (c.£90) LINK - Wiley X Sg-1 Goggles (c.£100) LINK - Bolle X1000 Tactical Goggles (c.£70) LINK - Bolle X800i Platinum Clear Military Safety Goggle (c.£50) LINK As ever, many thanks in advance for any guidance offered
  7. Hi Guys, I am sure many people have argued the various merits/lack of merits of magnification lenses before. Having made the decision that I want to get one more because I think it looks good than becuase it has much (if any) practical benefit, I've started wondering about protection (of the lens!). I appreciate my 'gucci' look will be somewhat spoilt by the addition of a protection lens in front of the hollosight, but it seems a sensible if unsightly thing to do. My concern is that while I can protect my hollow lens from that potentially damaging shot that hits it square on, I can only protect a flip up/Flip to side magnifier lens while it is set up behind the hollosight. As I will likely be 50/50 between the magnifier being behind the sight or flipped up/to the side in any given match, I really need to find a way to protect the lens of the magnifier while it's flipped up and away from the hollosight. Taking the sight off is not an option. Putting the protective cap/lens cover that comes with the magnifier is also not an option. Nor is fitting any sort of cover/sock over the unit while in the 'up' position an option. I know screw on lens protectors exist for camera lenses. They are just plain glass so you have a cheap/disposable means of protection. But from what I can tell the magnifier lenses don't have this kind of attachment available to them. So my question is - how do people protect their magnifier lenses or is it just a case of hope it doesn't get damaged? Many thanks, and Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night
  8. Druid, Many thanks, your post is absolutely spot on. Your thoughts above that DMR does not really exist in AS is exactly what i am driving at. My view is that unless you can gain at least 30 or 40 yards with the SLR on a standard assault rifle then frankly the idea is pointless because its only a couple of steps/leap and bounds (from either person) and all of a sudden that range buffer is completely gone and your into a realm where rate of fire becomes an issue. Its a shame, as i really wanted to go with the SLR for the 'wow' factor it has (call me an old softie, but it just looks good and I really want to shy away from the M4 overload). But it seems that's not to be. Ah well. Might look at an SMG like the Scorpion, especially if (as RogerBorg says) the fps is similar to that of an AR and thus the bb is likely to have similar range (if not accuary, but i think there are some longer barrelled scorpions out there). This might be the way to go if not the SCAR. Just want something i find aesthetically pleasing that is not an M4/AK that gives me some extra range.
  9. Hi Druid, No i am aware of the differences between OEMs. But your quite right, my post is rather poorly constructed. So i shall try again based on your comments above: Technically I am asking two questions: 1) Would a top end SCAR (lets say TM for now) be very similar range/accuracy wise to the SLR? This will influence my decision on getting an SLR or a SCAR. This is sans cost/reliability/OEM comparison etc, purely based on out the box performance of range/accuracy only. The only way I can make an informed decision here (without testing/buying both) is to find someone with both, or who has seen both used who can provide a view. This leads to my next question, which assumes there is no reasonable difference in range/accuracy between the SLR and, say, a TM SCAR-L. As in this case I would sack off my idea of getting the SLR and go for an assault rifle, probably a SCAR - because whats the point in having a 400+fps DMR (with all its limitations) if it is being out performed/not providing much better performance than a sub 350fps assault rifle? Thus question 2; 2) What do people think is the best out the box SCAR-L on the market ATM (quality and performance wise), what are they like to live with over time (will it break a lot)? As stated in the OP, money is not a factor. As you rightly point out, I have not stated my intent upgrade wise. For clarification: My hope is to never touch the internals of either option, short of repairs, which I am hoping to keep to an absolute minimum. I appreciate this could unfairly/unnecessarily limit what could be a good SLR with some work, but I dont want the (potential) hassle that goes with getting the OEM parts taken out and other parts put in to improve it, as from what i can tell this can make the gun less reliable. Hence my desire to find out about the 'lifetime' reliability of the SCAR-Ls being compared. Eg, yes, a TM is quality out the box, but in 2 years your going to be replacing stuff because it has more things to go wrong than say the non EBB Ares SCAR-L which you can jump up and down on and immerse in goose fat every day and will still work 5 years later while never once taking it apart (ok, extreme, but hopefully you can see what I am driving at here?).
  10. Hi everyone, Thanks to those that posted great advice on my MP5/Scorpion thread In that thread I mentioned that I am getting into the sport and am doing lots of research well in advance for when I am ready to buy what will likely be my first and only AEG (space/wife restrictions). My instinct based on play style and for aesthetics is to go with an Ares SLR possibly with SMG for closer stuff and to double for CQB environments. However, I would like to test/confirm a theory here to see what you good people think and then to ask some advice on a specific type of AEG. My theory is: On the assumption that the DMR SLR is not going to add a huge amount of range over and above a conventional assault rifle type AEG (is this a reasonable assumption?), might it be more pragmatic to just get an assault rifle type AEG? This is not my preferred line for many reasons, but one I would like to explore it with you guys. To that end; THE EXAM QUESTION(S): - Money no object - what is the best SCAR-L on the market at the moment (ideally out the box)? [For me best is, in priority order: 1) Reliable 2) Good internals 3) Good externals 4) Good balance of range/accuracy] - Which SCAR maker does the most reliable SCAR-L (ideally out the box) - ie, which one will go the longest without breaking and/or be less of a 'problem child' over say 3-5 years? - How much more range would I get from the Ares SLR vs a SCAR? - Based on reviews online it seems to be around +10-20 yards, which does not seem like a lot to shout home about for a pure DMR 400+ fps AEG vs a 'standard' sub 350fps AR? - TM SCARs seem to offer very long range despite lower FPS (thanks to elves and pixy dust it seems), would the SLR still out perform it in terms of range/accuracy? - I understand servicing TMs can be expensive/difficult owing to spare parts availability. Are the TMs going to hold together better/longer than another type of SCAR? - Any other advice/pointers on the SCAR-L side of life? Many thanks in advance
  11. Hi everyone, Thanks so much for the advice - I was moving towards the MP5 but the overwhelming support for the Scorpion has made me really stop and think. Will probs make a decision in about a month or so (once Christmas dust has settled) - ill let you know where I land Thanks again and happy Christmas and New Year to all.
  12. Hi everyone. Looking into getting an SMG. I am new to airsoft but I am just trying to get some specific feedback on these two guns in the hope of helping me select one. General internet searches seems to imply they are equally good - what do people here think? Is this true, what are they like to 'live with' etc? As context, my intent is to get a DMR rifle such as the Ares SLR or LCT G3a3 as DMR will suit my game style and local field - as well as for aesthetic reasons. I will probably have a sidearm (glock 17 or similar) for close stuff if needs be. However, I would like to enter the sport with an SMG before I go for the DMR. This will also allow me getting to take part in CQB or act as a rifleman when a change of pace is wanted (once i have the DMR) or a change of field dictates not using the DMR, as well as the SMG acting as a back up weapon when I am DMR'ing (if such a verb exists). The two SMGs I am looking at (as title) are the G&G MP5a5 and the ASG Scorpian Evo 2018. I am ideally looking for a small/compact SMG with a variable length stock but that is as small as possible in case I need to carry it with a long arm (so no silencer, short barrel, as compact as possible, but with a stock, hence not the MP5k). I am trying to get some feedback on what people's view is of these two guns and their makers (perhaps someone owns both?). My key considerations that I am interested in (in no order): - Reliability/durability (ideally out the box, but once upgraded if really necessary). - Quality of internals/externals. - Manufacturor/gun reputation - Battery life (ideally out the box, but once upgraded if needed). - Accuracy. - Rate of fire. - FPS (site limit is 350 for full auto so if the guns are higher than this out the box it will require a spring change). Things that are not an issue: - Cost - 3 round burst Links below to the specific guns: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/gt-advanced-tgm-a5-mp5-a5-railed-blowback?pv=3154 https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/asg-cz-scorpion-evo-3-a1-2018-revision?pv=7062 Thank in advance for taking the time to share your collective wisdom. - Sharpe
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