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  1. Want to do a L119A2 build with my Avalon... But could save the money and do a MK18 build instead... However, I much prefer the look of the L119A2 and we're British after all! Decisions... decisions🤔

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    2. BibbsOnTour


      Yeah I'll be honest I was 99% of the way to making my mind up on it I just wondered what everyone else thought 😂

    3. Nick G

      Nick G

      DO IT ! you know you want too 😈😂

      Just don't add up the cost when you're done 😮

    4. BibbsOnTour


      All I'll say at this point is... praise the powers to be for cheap hong kong prices (customs charges don't count as they're not the cost of the actual item)😂😂

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