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  1. don't think I would wear them the wrong way but everyone has their own opinion on this I think its ok to wear it all as long if you don't claim to be apart of the thing you are dressed up as like if someone asked you about your kit or anything as long as you don't say you are that thing I think its ok. I have seen a couple of people wearing berets at one of my local sites but is clearly to young to be in the army and he says he is not in it which I think is fine.
  2. fair enough looks like I have saved me self some money
  3. is this just a rule for something like marines and paras or everything armed forces
  4. Hi since I started playing airsoft I have been slowly getting hold of kit used by the armed forces like osprey vest, helmets, and full MTP. I also got myself a sa80 so I was thinking of making a themed loadout of it all so I picked a royal marine one since I had a big interest in it. but I was thinking if its the right thing to do I mean I personally don't see anything wrong with it as long as you don't walk around saying you are a marine and you are not. I'm still not sure though I understand I haven't earned the patches or anything but Its not like I'm running round with all the wrong kit and stuff I would make it as accurate as possible. I'm really unsure what to do with this I was gonna get berets and the lot I would love to do it for semi re-enactment if that makes sense basically me going down to my local sites with all the kit and also some milsim when ever I can. it sounds ok to me but I would like to hear other peoples opinions on this. cheers
  5. as long as you can not tell the difference right away I'm not really bothered I know I couldn't besides it will get covered in mud and stuff anyway so it will be harder to tell. cheers
  6. Hi thanks for info not very good with British kit so I could not tell when it was from cheers
  7. hi everyone I am trying to get some gear together for a ww2 British para and im not wanting to spend loads of money so I found this on eBay (the picture) and its cheap for ww2 stuff but I am not sure if it would be historically accurate. Apparently this is 1950s Belgian army smock but looks like a ww2 I really cant tell the difference between the patterns so if anyone can give me any advice on this It would be really appreciated. cheers
  8. hi been lookin to upgrade my googles and mask and I came across these on ebay army issue or something.after watching like the only airsoft review of them I could find shooting at them I am still unsure if they are a good Idea just mainly because of protection and also fogging up. would anyone recommend them. cheers
  9. we talking 2 grand+ dont think id pay that much for a airsoft gun 😀
  10. hi just out of interest is there any companys or anything that will make you custom guns like a halo SMG for example. I could understand they will cost a fair bit but would be worth it cheers 😀
  11. no did not think to ask actually. and not sure it does not look like it. and just like the idea of a team you will work better and make new mates and go more often. cheers
  12. 😀hello I have been having a lot of trouble going to airsoft with mates of mine so I had a big idea to start a team a few weeks back and I was pointed to the team list thing on here but I dont think anyone is going to join. problem is a few things firstly I dont know people that well at my local sites and Im not sure if they are into the same things I am regarding team loadouts and whatever. another thing is its just me wanting to do it I have no friends or whatever would like the idea so I basically need to find some ways to get people to join and after reading and watching loads of stuff I still dont know I only got a few Ideas but they might not be the right ideas at this point In time for a team. A Website was one of the ideas I had seen a few times I think wix do it for free aswell.only issue with that is that sounds to me like the sort of thing you do when you have a team set up.(also forgot to say I dont have a name or anything either so that could be a problem for it) social media I really like this idea but mine is filled with people who will maybe take mic out of me ask people from local field yeah already discussed this friends....I aint got any so yeah I have no idea what to do so please if anyone can help me and if anyone can understand my poor writing skills please would be really good to hear what you think about these ideas and if you have your own. thanks
  13. im not sure if it is ment for it or not that's the issue I asked him where it was from but he did not know. not sure how to tell em apart but it just does not have the markings and flag on side so I dont know😀. ill have to have a look how much a army armament one is if they exist.
  14. is there a connector or something you can get to make em fit better?. looking into it there are these parts for the G&G ones that let you put a rail system on but not for this one I cant remember what they are called but that may be a issue since the rail system looks like its lo low down and to near the trigger guard thing. cheers
  15. I had a similar issue with mine and fixed it but they are in two pieces and the sa80's is in one and the whole thing wobbles so im not sure where to start. cheers 😀
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