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  1. Is matrix compatable with cyma?  trying to work out if the matrix SVD wood kit would fit on my svd.


    evike is not clear https://www.evike.com/products/47324/

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    2. Druid799


      Odds are it could well be a Cyma kit as Matrix are their own ‘in-house’ brand , all the stuff is bought in then re-branded as Matrix . Totally agree with Lozart about Evike they are very shall we say slap dash with international customers . As they’ve pretty much got the west coast market in their pocket their attitude if there’s a problem is “and what ya gonna do about it from the other side of the world ?” 
      Just so fecking annoying the way they’ve got so many thing you just can’t find anywhere else ! 🤬

    3. Lozart
    4. kasaran


      i doubt that would work, the Cyma is an aeg and the motor is in the grip, front grip need to clam-shell too for the battery.  i mean.... it would work with a lot of fettling, but i lack the skill or gear to do that. (if i had the ability, id have made a wooden stock for my m14 by now)

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