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  1. >Chronoes the arp, does 0.5J

    >Opens the gearbox and finds the spring snapped clean in half

    >Puts SP90 (around m100) in, chronoes at 0.7J

    >Puts M110 in



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    2. Skara


      Yeah I know.

      But still pisses me off..


      Btw the arp spring guide has a spacer, not a proper thrust bearing but does the same thing.

      Oh well :D at least I got to clean up the mess created by the plastic king arms piston I previously had in the gun.

      There is an air leak around the nozzle, but I'll wait to rebuild the whole box to fix it.

    3. Steveocee


      Beat me to it, was going to suggest of course obligatory broken spring replacement but whack an 0-ring nozzle in there whilst you're at it.
      On my Ares 008 I'm using an M90 with spring and pistonhead bearings with a 128mm 6.01 inner and it sits just about on 1J, really shouldn't need an M110 to get you there.

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Piston Spacers...




      15mm O/D

      5mm & 10mm thickness


      Alas the 5mm thick has only a M5 hole

      so you may need to widen it a bit depending on piston head fitment


      a 3mm tooth equates ROUGHLY to M05 or 16.4fps

      so ROUGHLY a 5mm spacer adds up to 27 fps

      & ROUGHLY a 10mm spacer adds up to 54 fps


      Or a 5mm spacer will offset most of power lost from SS 2 teeth

      & a 10mm spacer will offset a smidge more than SS 3 teeth


      APROX - it kinda works but airsoft physics never works out

      exactly in every case - but along those lines somewhat


      One word of caution though...

      If using a 10mm spacer, double check some longer spring guides

      do not bottom out on spacer at full 101% stroke

      it is very rare but one spring guide just kissed the 10mm spacer

      at full retraction

      Not really an issue for me as I SS quite a few boxes

      but on say a full length AK 455mm where you keep full or most of stroke, then it is something to remember if trying to boost power

      (either a m80 spring to get 350fps or a m100 spring for DMR use)

      Then if boosting the spring compression/power with a 10mm spacer

      just see if the guide/spacer come close to bottoming out...


      FUCK IT - pics say a 1,000 words...


      variation in spring guide lengths:




      (no they are spring guides not collection of "other toys")


      and some instances where a longer spring guide might bottom out




      Now admit that is due to the collar from bearings being used...




      but you get the idea of what to watch out for

      (and why you should not push it with longer 15mm or 20mm long spacers inside piston)


      So I use 5mm or 10mm thick 15mm spacers


      and wtf as i revisited my old imgur account

      here is 007's view on which gears to use...



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