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  1. VFC's are good, right?



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Heath


      "I don't know why people are still buying VFC Guns"


    3. Skara


      That is literally the only thing VFC got right.

      And it looks like they copied KSC for that pistol (or they got KSC to produce for them).

    4. Nick G

      Nick G

      I saw this yesterday and forwarded it to a mate who has one of these. By a strange coincidence I did some work on it recently after he had some issues with it. Wiring in the gearbox was mangled , didn't look like it had been properly pushed down into the guides. He said it had always  kept feeling like it was stuttering, I put a replacement Tomtac box in it for him in the end using the original spring. It's now running at 1.1 joules . Also swapped the pistol grip to a 'Storm' grip as the original wasn't comfortable. Glad I never tried to refit the motor with the old grip now ! Externals are awesome though !

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