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  1. I wonder if GBB makers have ever thought of an expansion chamber somewhere to reduce cool down, especially on pistols..

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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      tbh i'm not sure it'd help all that much, at some point you're going to be relying on the liquid boiling to replenish itself, although granted i have shot one of those maruzen m11's and it was pretty impressive (at least compared to asg's more conventionally designed m11)


      for winter co2 is the better option, although granted co2 mags come with their own set of problems.


      i tend to just avoid spamming when running a pistol, that's what rifles are for, never really use more than a couple of shots per engagement, for range work you're better taking time to get a good aim anyway.

    3. Immortal


      I don't think mags get a decent seal on the gun in order to have such a chamber (thinking of how Co2 Caplets work with airgun valves - it would have to be built into the mag I suppose so a space issue... just my 50p's worth of grey matter)

    4. rocketdogbert


      P90 has exactly this, makes it super easy to HPA

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